Antifa attack conservative blogger Andy Ngo amid violence at Portland Proud Boys protest

Police arrest three suspects after eight people injured and three taken to hospital in protest violence 

Lizzie Dearden
Security Correspondent
Sunday 30 June 2019 16:16 BST
Journalist Andy Ngo beaten up at protest in Portland, Oregon

A conservative writer has been attacked by antifascists amid violence at clashing demonstrations in Portland.

Andy Ngo was surrounded and beaten by protesters wearing black with their faces concealed, while being covered in a milkshake, eggs and spray on Saturday.

He was taken to hospital for treatment after posting a video showing bruises and cuts to his face and neck.

“I just got beat up by the crowd,” Mr Ngo said. “I was in the middle of the street and they stole my GoPro and punched me several times in my face and my head. I’m bleeding.”

He had been covering protests against the male chauvinist Proud Boys group, which is known for street fighting, in the Oregon city.

An unidentified right aligning man faces off with Rose City Antifa members at Pioneer Courthouse Square on 29 June in Portland, Oregon (Moriah Ratner/Getty Images)

Three people have so far been arrested for offences including assault on a public safety officer, harassment and disorderly conduct.

Police said five protesters and three police officers were treated by medics for injuries during the protests, and three people were taken to hospital after being attacked with weapons.

One counter-demonstration had been organised by Rose City Antifa, which accused the Proud Boys of “planning to invade downtown Portland, looking for targets for violent attacks”.

They called for people to “defend our city” in an online blog that accused Mr Ngo of Islamophobia and promoting the Proud Boys.

Mr Ngo is an editor at online magazine Quilette but opponents characterise him as a far-right campaigner and criticised him over a Wall Street Journal article published last year entitled: “A visit to Islamic England.”

His lawyer, Harmeet K Dhillon, said doctors were monitoring Mr Ngo’s head injuries in hospital.

Supporters have already donated more than $70,000 (£55,000) to a crowdfunding page called the Protect Andy Ngo Fund.

Local media reported that only 30 people turned up for the original protest – a “patriot prayer” rally – in Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square on Saturday afternoon.

A right-wing protester after being attacked in Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square on 29 June (Moriah Ratner/Getty Images)

Police attempted to keep them apart from a larger counter-demonstration in Lownsdale Square, where the Portland Mercury observed organisers giving out “milkshakes” in antifascist-branded cups.

The Portland Police Bureau said it later received reports of individuals throwing “milkshakes” with a substance mixed in that was similar to a quick-drying cement, adding: “One subject was arrested for throwing a substance during the incident.”

The trend of “milkshaking” right-wing figures started in the UK last month, when the British anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson was targeted, and has since spread to the US.

Disorder broke out when a group of antifascist protesters left their designated area and marched towards the Proud Boys rally, repeatedly trying to get around police blockades.

One banner read “f*** Nazis and fascists”, while some protesters waved a banner for the Satanic Portland Antifascists and chanted: “Not hate, no fear, Proud Boys are not welcome here.”

Footage showed scuffles between opposing protesters, while several antifascists were wearing face coverings or helmets, and carrying homemade shields, bats and weapons.

The Portland Police Bureau said two protests from Chapman Square and Lownsdale Park Square merged and started an unpermitted march towards Pioneer Square that stopped traffic.

“There were multiple assaults reported, as well as projectiles thrown at demonstrators and officers,” a statement added. “There were also reports of pepper spray and bear spray being used by people in the crowd. Officers deployed pepper spray during the incident.”

Two officers were pepper sprayed, another was punched and a colleague was hit in the head with a projectile during what police labelled a “civil disturbance”.

After issuing a dispersal order, three people were arrested. A 23-year-old man was charged with second-degree assault and assault of a police officer, a 21-year-old man was charged with harassment and a 23-year-old woman with disorderly conduct and harassment.

Assistant police chief Chris Davis said: “There are hundreds of peaceful free speech events in the city in a given year that do not result in violence. Unfortunately, today some community members and officers were injured.

“We are actively investigating these incidents to hold those responsible accountable.”

Police are appealing anyone who witnessed or filmed violence to contact

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