Biden made a Mean Girls joke on Twitter - and no one got it

President’s tweet on Monday riffed on an iconic dioalogue by character in ‘Mean Girls’

Maroosha Muzaffar
Tuesday 04 October 2022 09:10 BST
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Joe Biden on Monday made a reference to Mean Girls on Twitter – but conservative critics seemed to miss the joke.

On 3 October, the US president tweeted a photo of himself in a green convertible wearing shades and writing, “Get in, folks. We’re building a better America”.

Mr Biden riffed on the iconic dialogue from the movie co-written by actor and comedian Tina Fey.

The movie’s line, “Get in, loser. We’re going shopping”, was made famous by Rachel McAdams’s character Regina George.

The date Mr Biden tweeted was also of significance, as 3 October is celebrated as Mean Girls Day.

The reason is that Aaron, a character in the film played by Jonathan Bennett, asks Lindsay Lohan’s character Cady what day it was.

To this, she replies: “It’s October 3rd.”

But on Mr Biden’s replies and quote tweets, nobody seemed to have understood the reference as conservative social media users jumped on to issue standard attacks on the president instead.

Senator Melissa Melendez vilified Mr Biden in a quote tweet.

“Yes, everyone get into your expensive, antique and oh by the way GAS POWERED convertibles! And don’t let anyone tell you you’re oblivious to the financial pain average Americans are feeling. I mean, we all love $6-$7 gas right?” wrote senator Melissa Melendez.

“The future is fossil fuels? Ok I’m in,” wrote another user.

Yet another commented that the president “has enough time on his hands not only to allow gas prices to surge but then flex on us all in a corvette stingray [sic].”

“You ain’t building nothing!!! You’re the worst president this country has ever had,” wrote another user.

“Who wants to tell the White House intern that thing runs on gasoline?” wrote another.

One user, however, did seemingly manage to get the reference and posted a meme and mocked Mr Biden for being forgetful.

“Get in loser, We’re... we’re... ummm... uhh...,” said the meme, featuring Mr Biden in another convertible.

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