Cuomo shares chest X-rays after coronavirus diagnosis

Coronavirus: Chris Cuomo shares X-ray of lungs live on air as virus progresses

‘It’s in there. It’s in you, you have to fight to keep it out’

Louise Hall
Tuesday 07 April 2020 19:46

Chris Cuomo has shared his chest X-rays with viewers on-air as he gave an update on his coronavirus infection.

The CNN anchor shared copies of his lung X-rays with Dr Sanjay Gupta live on air to demonstrate how the virus can impact the lungs.

“Your big fear is that it’s going to get your lungs – that’s what it wants, it wants your lungs, this thing,” the younger brother of New York Gov Andrew Cuomo said on CNN.

“So this weekend I had the fever start to go down a little bit and started to feel it come into my chest.”

The presenter has continued to present his CNN show from his basement after revealing he tested positive for coronavirus last week.

Dr Gupta walked viewers through the X-rays, stating that doctors would be looking for infiltrate in the chest to help diagnose pneumonia.

An infiltrate is when a foreign substance fills the airspaces within the lungs.

The doctor pointed out that Cuomo had some infiltrate in the middle of the chest X-ray.

“It looks pretty good, maybe a little bit of fluid build-up there but not something that I would definitely call pneumonia,” he said.

Dr Gupta emphasised that he was not diagnosing Cuomo’s condition from afar via television and that other physicians had already examined the X-rays.

“I have to tell you it is scary to have your lungs go up there and see this stuff and be like what is that, what is that smoke in there? And they tell you yeah it’s the virus. It’s in there. It’s in you, you have to fight to keep it out.” Cuomo said.


He assured viewers that he was doing fine, but said he would need some things to “fall in [his] favour” before he was officially out of the woods

On Wednesday Cuomo admitted that he had shivered so severely with the virus that he chipped his own tooth.

“I never experienced any kind of fever like what I have going on all the time, and the body aches, and the tremors and the concern about not being able to do anything about it,” he said.

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