Fox anchor who dismissed coronavirus fears as plot to impeach Trump is removed from her prime-time slot

Trish Regan show taken off air after she accuses Democrats of trying to engineer a market sell-off

Phil Thomas
New York
Sunday 15 March 2020 14:48 GMT
Fox Business host says the Democrats are using coronavirus to try and impeach Trump again

A Fox Business presenter who suggested the coronavirus crisis was part of a conspiracy to impeach Donald Trump again has been moved from her prime-time slot.

On Monday Trish Regan told viewers that the Democrats were trying to engineer a ”mass hysteria to encourage a market sell-off” and wanted “to demonize and destroy the president” in “another attempt to impeach” him.

She said: “We’ve reached a tipping point. The chorus of hate being levelled at the president is nearing a crescendo as Democrats blame him, and only him, for a virus that originated halfway around the world.”

The president has been condemned for his slow reaction to the crisis and his initial efforts to suggest the potentially lethal virus was nothing to worry about. The markets saw falls bigger than since the late 1980s amid fears of the effect on the economy and concern that the government was not taking the threat seriously.

Regan’s comments caused a storm of criticism, coming against the background of other conservative news hosts and some Republican politicians seeking to play down the threat of the coronavirus.

As of Sunday morning, more than 2,800 people have tested positive for the virus across 49 states. At least 60 people have died.

In a statement Fox Business said Trish Regan Primetime and another show, Kennedy, would be “on hiatus until further notice”.

It added: “Due to the demands of the evolving pandemic crisis coverage, we are deploying all resources from both shows for staffing needs during critical market hours. Fox Business will run long form programming in prime time for the foreseeable future.”

Regan tweeted: “I want to let everyone know that Trish Regan Primetime is now on hiatus. FBN has taken prudent steps to limit staffing levels and is prioritizing its coverage during market hours. I fully support this decision -- we all must to do our part to keep our colleagues safe. #TrishRegan.”

Other Fox hosts, including Tucker Carlson – a close confidant of Mr Trump – have been taking the threat of the coronavirus more seriously.

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