Delphi murders: Everything we know about the deaths of Abigail Williams and Liberty German

Four years on, the murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German are still unsolved, but some clues have emerged. Here’s what we know so far

Nathan Place
New York
Wednesday 08 December 2021 13:44 GMT
<p>Liberty German and Abigail Williams were murdered in 2017 </p>

Liberty German and Abigail Williams were murdered in 2017

Four years after their deaths, the murders of Indiana teenagers Abigail Williams and Liberty German are still unsolved. No arrests have been made, and no suspect has been identified.

In that time, however, clues have emerged about what may have happened to the two girls. Here’s a look at what we know so far.

The murders

On 13 February, 2017, Liberty German, 14, and Abigail Williams, 13, went for a hike over the Monon High Bridge in Carroll County, Indiana. A few hours later, Liberty’s father arrived at the trailhead to pick them up.

They never showed up. After searching for them, the two girls’ families called the police and reported them missing. The next day, their bodies were found about half a mile from the trail.

Police have declared the deaths a double homicide, but have not released any information on how the girls were killed.

The video

Police have released a video clip from Liberty’s phone, which they say was recorded at some point during the ill-fated hike.

In the video, a man wearing jeans, a blue jacket, and a hoodie can be seen approaching the girls and saying something to them. The audio is muffled, but a male voice can be heard saying the words “guys” and “down the hill.”

Police believe the recording was made just before the crime took place.

“Libby had the presence of mind to turn on her video camera,” Indiana State Police spokesman Capt David Bursten told ABC News. “There’s no doubt in our minds that that young lady is a hero.”

Investigators say the man in the video is the main suspect in the homicide investigation, but have not yet managed to identify him. They ask anyone with any information to email

The social media account

In December 2021, police announced that the murders may be in some way related to a fake social media profile called “anthony_shots.”

“While investigating the murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German, detectives with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office and the Indiana State Police have uncovered an online profile named anthony_shots,” Indiana State Police said in a statement. “The creator of the fictitious profile used this information while communicating with juvenile females to solicit nude images, obtain their addresses, and attempt to meet them.”

Indiana State Police did not say what role the account may have played in the tragic events, but pointed out that it was being used at the time of the girls’ deaths.

“This profile was being used from 2016 to 2017 on social media applications, including but not limited to, Snapchat and Instagram,” the statement said. “The fictitious anthony_shots profile used images of a known male model and portrayed himself as being extremely wealthy and owning numerous sports cars.”

Police emphasised, however, that the man shown in the anthony_shots photos is not a suspect.

“The male that is in the photos is not a person of interest in the investigation,” ISP said. “Detectives are seeking information about the person who created the anthony_shots profile.”

Police urge anyone who had any information on anthony_shots to contact them at or 765-822-3535.

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