Cindy Chu: Actress cuffed and manhandled by LAPD during 911 callout

‘It was very scary for me, I’ve never been hand cuffed especially for no apparent reason’

Bevan Hurley
Tuesday 08 February 2022 16:36 GMT
Actress Cindy Chu
Actress Cindy Chu (TikTok/iamcindychu)

Actress Cindy Chu says LAPD officers were overly aggressive while responding to a mistaken 911 report of domestic violence at her home.

Ms Chu said police officers “pounded on her door” and cuffed her and her boyfriend and demanded they step outside her apartment after receiving a call to say a violent argument was unfolding at the address on Sunday night.

The attending police officers informed them they had received a 911 call to report screaming, crying and things being thrown inside her home.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, the 31-year-old Hawaii Five-0 actor said she tried to explain to the officers that it was obviously the wrong apartment, but that they wouldn’t listen and used “unnecessary” force against her and her partner.

“I was taken over by the kitchen, made to face the wall, and given a full pat down for weapons.

“We had to give our full info. I was questioned how long we’d been together and if there was a past history of abuse. I kept protesting they had the wrong apartment,” Ms Chu said.

She said the police eventually released her, and said they would speak with the person that made the 911 call.

“But wtf, we didn’t ever need to be treated that way.

“It was very scary for me, I’ve never been hand cuffed especially for no apparent reason!

“We weren’t even sure who was pounding on our door yelling at first. They came in hot, hands at the ready, yelling at us to come out and that we weren’t to shut the door on them.”

Chu said she would be contacting the LAPD to complain about “how all the extra force was completely unnecessary”.

The Independent has contacted Ms Chu’s representatives and the LAPD for comment.

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