JonBenét Ramsey’s brother slams Colorado police over handling of Chloe Campbell disappearance

Mr Ramsey said the Boulder police lacked ‘passion’ to find a missing girl and to solve his half-sister’s murder

Graig Graziosi
Monday 10 October 2022 21:36 BST
Colorado family pleads for 14-year-old Chloe Campbell's return

The half-brother of JonBenét Ramsey — a six-year-old girl who was murdered in 1996 and whose killer was never caught — has crticised the Boulder, Colorado, police department for its handling of the disappearance of Chloe Campbell.

John Ramsey lashed out at the department on Twitter.

"Damn shame @boulderpolice refused the help of the much more experienced Denver PD," he wrote, linking to an article about an 18-year-old cold case the DPD solved.

Mr Ramsey also told The Daily Mail that the department’s “delay” and “inaction” should be examined after Chloe is found and returned to her parents.

“It’s a lack of passion and heart, that’s what we’ve been up against, apathy and you see it playing out here in the Chloe Campbell case, it is the same thing we were up against. Where is the passion?” he told the outlet.

Mr Ramsey also criticised the Boulder Police Department after the Denver Police Department announced it had solved a cold case from 2004.

Denver police announced that the department had arrested Jason Groshart, 49, in a sexual assault and burglary case that occurred in 2004.

The department issued a statement on Wednesday announcing the arrest.

"The arrest of Groshart demonstrates our commitment to victims of crime and that the Denver Police Department never forgets," Denver Chief of Police Ron Thomas said in the statement. "We will continue to pursue and bring to justice those who harm our community. Groshart committed a crime of violence against a member of our community and thanks to the Genetic Genealogy & Familial Match Searching grant, we hope we are able to provide some relief to the survivor."

JonBenét Ramsey
JonBenét Ramsey (Sipa/Shutterstock)

The Boulder Police department has not cateogorised the death of JonBenét a cold case and has reportedly refused to allow independent investigators examine the DNA evidence connected in the case, according to Fox News. Some investigators wish to compare the DNA from her death to potential new suspects in an effort to bring the case to a close.

JonBenét was reported missing by her mother in December 1996 and said she found a ransom note demanding $118,000 in exchange for the girl. Her body was found later that day in the home's basement.

The girl's cause of death was determined to be strangulation and a blow to the head. No suspects have ever been convicted.

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