Woman gives birth during NFL game after arriving as she was in labour

Just after kickoff, a cousin of NFL star David Bell went into labour inside the stadium, giving birth to a baby girl

Amelia Neath
Tuesday 24 October 2023 18:10 BST
Baby born at NFL game in Indianapolis

The cousin of a Cleveland Browns wide receiver brought an unexpected guest to the NFL game on Sunday when she went into labour.

Kemry, the baby girl, was delivered with the help of first responders at the Lucas Oil Stadium after Tylan Jones, the cousin of  Browns’ player David Bell, went into labour as she approached the entrance.

David Bell, 22,  was back in his hometown of Indianapolis playing the Colts and 300 members of his huge family unit came out to support him in the game, reports WPTV.

The NFL player was delighted with the news that his cousin, who already has two children, managed to deliver the baby in time for the game.

“It’s a blessing,” he told WLFITV. “Her whole idea was to try to have the baby before the game, but you know it’s all in God’s time. So, now I have a new niece. So, hopefully, I get to see her when I come back to the city.”

The baby was not due for another four days, according to Kareem Butler, Mr Bell’s mother, but by the time Ms Jones entered the stadium, the baby was crowning and was eventually delivered at 1.20pm.

Medics from the Indiana University Health stationed at Lucas Oil Stadium helped deliver Ms Jones’ child just after kickoff, according to WYMT.

Ashley Vlaskamp, a medical technician amongst those who delivered the baby, told WTTV that this was the first time her team ever had to deal with labour during a game.

The young NFL player used to play for Purdue while at college in Indiana before being drafted for Cleveland Browns

“It’s certainly not something you think is going to happen when you come into work that day,” Ms Vlaskamp told the outlet.

“A lot of times, we worry more about something like indigestion or a blister or somebody who is having a trip or a fall on the sidewalk more than somebody who is having a baby.”

She added that she “couldn’t be happier” how her team pulled together in that moment.

Ms Jones caught up with WTHR after she made it to the hospital with her baby.

“I had a talk with her [before the birth], and I told her she can not come on this day,” she joked.

“I’m still in shock, like everybody comes in and [says] you had a crazy day yesterday.”

Capital Improvement Board, which oversees the Lucas Oil Stadium, said in a statement that they send their congratulations to the family and are “excited to be a part of their history.”

“We also want to extend thanks to our partners at IU Health for being prepared for any medical situation,” the statement said, according to WXIN. “They do a great job at meeting all the needs that come their way, and today was no exception.”

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