Donald Trump says Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton ‘created Isis’

He accused them of allowing militants to flourish, but offered no evidence

Kate Ng
Sunday 03 January 2016 13:30 GMT
Donald Trump's latest claims include accusing Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama of creating Isis
Donald Trump's latest claims include accusing Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama of creating Isis (AP)

Donald Trump has claimed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are to blame for the creation of Isis.

During his latest campaign rally in Mississippi, Mr Trump suggested the Obama administration has allowed the extremist group to flourish by ignoring his call for the US to seize oil assets now owned by Isis.

“I’ve predicted a lot of things, you have to say, including, ‘Get the oil, take the oil, keep the oil’. Right?” he said.

“I’ve been saying that for three years, and everybody said, ‘Oh I can’t do that. I mean, this is a sovereign country.’ There is no country!

“They’ve created Isis. Hillary Clinton created Isis with Obama,” he continued.

Mr Trump gave no evidence to support his claims, but used his address to accuse Iran of wanting to take over Saudi Arabia, a long-time US ally.

This comes during Iranian protests outside the Saudi embassy in Tehran, which erupted after the mass executions of 47 Sunni and Shia prisoners by Saudi Arabia.

“In Tehran, they’re burning down the Saudi embassy, you see that?” he said. “Now, what this is is Iran wants to take over Saudi Arabia. They always have. They want the oil, ok? They’ve always wanted that.”

After the rally, he retweeted a supporter who repeated his claims about Ms Clinton and Mr Obama. The supporter was responding to a critic calling Mr Trump a "retard" and a "douche".

In November 2015, Mr Trump’s fellow Republican candidates Rick Santorum and Carly Fiorina both said that Ms Clinton and Mr Obama were to blame for the rise of Isis.

Mr Trump made no comment on the al-Shabaab recruitment video that was released on Friday, featuring footage of him calling for a ban on all Muslims entering the US.

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