Florida shooting: Suspects arrested after 'two killed and up to 17 injured' in Fort Myers attack

The shooting happened at Club Blu, which is reported to have been hosting a 'teen night'

Florida nightclub shooting - everything you need to know

Shooters have killed at least two people and injured at least 14 in a shooting at a Florida nightclub, just weeks after the massacre in Orlando.

The incident happened at Club Blu in Fort Myers. The club had been hosting a "teen night" before the shooting occured - with police saying between 14 and 17 people injured. Some reports suggesting that children as young as 12 were involved in the attack.

Three people have been detained in connection with the attack, according to police. It isn't clear if more people are involved. There are said to be two active crime scenes.

The attack comes less than two months after Omar Mateen killed 49 people and wounded 53 others in the Pulse nightclub, in Orlando.

Witnesses described how someone just "kept shooting" during the attack, which happened in the club's car park.

"Someone was live shooting," said Juss Olivia in a Facebook Live video. "They just kept shooting. It was non-stop.

"We were hiding up under a car. I couldn't believe it. I've never experienced anything like that in my life."

The Club Blu Bar and Grill is some distance from Pulse, which is about 150 miles north of Fort Myers.


The incident began at around 1am local time, according to reports.

Police said that two other scenes are connected with the incident. One involved a house that was shot at where there was one minor injury, police said, and another was where a "person of interest" had been detained in connection with the shooting, authorities said.

Police are still "actively canvassing" the area to look for other people who might be involved in the attack, they said.

Video shows car 'riddled with bullets' after Florida shooting

The area has since been "deemed safe", according to police. But police Capt. Jim Mulligan says the street will remain closed as authorities investigate.

Fort Myers police arrived at Club Blu after reports of a shooting to find several victims suffering from gunshots wounds in the car park, according to a statement. Those injuries ranged from minor to life threatening, police said.

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Police are still working to understand the motive for the incident, according to the statement.

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