Good Samaritans break car windows with strollers to save sick man

“It brought joy to my heart to see people who did not know each other to come together”

Bevan Hurley
Saturday 31 July 2021 03:36
People Save Man On Motorway

The scene appears to be playing out in slow motion: a truck rolls leisurely down an Atlanta highway as passing motorists get out of their vehicles and try to attract the driver’s attention.

Inside, the driver is unconscious after suffering a suspected seizure.

“The truck was still moving, but the driver’s head was leaned over and his eyes were closed,” Juordin Carter, who filmed the drama as it unfolded, told Inside Edition.

The truck eventually comes to a stop, and passers-by join the effort to rescue the driver.

They grab anything they can get their hands on, a sledgehammer, a tire iron, even a baby stroller, to try to break into the locked truck.

One eventually breaks in through the rear windscreen of the cab and help the driver, who is still passed out inside.

The extraordinary act of heroism last Sunday, July 25, was captured on video and quickly went viral online.

A fellow Good Samaritan, Jelani Campbell, leapt onto the back of the truck and smashed the rear windscreen with a sledgehammer.

He was able to reach inside and unlock the door, in order for others to render assistance to the unconscious driver.

“I immediately got on the truck, started kicking the rest of the windshield down. That is when I slid in and unlocked the door.”

Mr Carter said he stayed with the man until an ambulance arrived.

“All of us were a team out there. We’re just proud that we all could come together like that,” he told Inside Edition.

When the video began to get attention online, people got the wrong idea and thought they had been trying to carjack the vehicle.

“[They said] people were fighting in the street, people were trying to break into his car. So that’s what made us decide, OK, well we gotta get the truth out there,” Mr Carter said.

Atlanta Police said the man had suffered a medical event and was recovering in hospital.

Another person involved in the rescue attempt, Qua Tucker, told Inside Edition had been on his way home from church when he came across the scene.

“It brought joy to my heart to see people who did not know each other to come together.”

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