Marvel star Jonathan Majors’s ex Grace Jabbari sues him for defamation and assault

The lawsuit was filed in New York on Tuesday

Michelle Del Rey
Tuesday 19 March 2024 21:31 GMT
CCTV shows Jonathan Majors shoving girlfriend before she chases him

The woman who previously accused Jonathan Majors of assault is now suing him in federal court for defamation, assault and battery, according to court documents filed in New York on Tuesday.

Grace Jabbari, the actor’s ex-girlfriend, is bringing the suit against the actor after he repeatedly claimed that he did not assault her before and after his domestic assault trial last year. A jury found him guilty on one count of reckless assault in the third degree, a misdemeanour, and harassment in the second degree.

The 31-year-old British dancer accused Majors of slapping her, fracturing her finger, twisting her right arm and striking her right ear, causing her to bleed in an incident that allegedly happened on 25 March 2023.

Majors was arrested that evening after he found Ms Jabbari in his Chelsea apartment following the incident and called 911. He told authorities he suspected that his then-girlfriend had attempted suicide or overdosed.

The actor later filed a domestic violence report against Ms Jabbari in June. The Manhattan DA’s office ultimately decided not to pursue the case. The sentencing hearing has been delayed until 8 April. He’s facing a year in prison on the misdemeanour charges.

In a statement, an attorney for Ms Jabbari, Brittany N Henderson, said, “It takes bravery to hold someone with this level of power and acclaim accountable. Bravery that Grace Jabbari has demonstrated at every stage of the legal process.

“We strongly believe that through this action, truth and transparency will bring Grace the justice that she deserves.”

Much of the criminal trial focused on Ms Jabbari’s testimony. The suit accuses the star’s defence attorneys of using Ms Jabbari’s time on the stand to defame her at the end of the proceedings.

“[T]his entire case is built on Grace’s lies—and, boy, does Grace lie,” an attorney for Mr Majors said at the trial. “These prosecutors bought Grace’s white lies, her big lies, and all her pretty little lies”.

After his conviction, he participated in an ABC News interview in which he told the outlet that Ms Jabbari lied about her claims and had “never laid [his] hands on a woman”.

In addition to the assault and battery charges, Ms Jabbari is suing for infliction of emotional distress and malicious prosecution. The suit does not reference a specific monetary amount. Only that the damages are expected to be higher than $75,000.

The couple met on the set of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania in 2021 August. Ms Jabbari was a movement director and Majors starred as the movie’s villan. The actor had slipped the woman his phone number through a hair stylist, she said on the stand.

By December of that year, she said, their dynamic had shifted. In one instance, she brought up her ex-boyfriend in a conversation about the actor’s dogs, which prompted him to yell at her. The dancer said it was the first time she was scared of her boyfriend.

Prosecutors at the trial attempted to display a “manipulative pattern” of abuse, including text messages Mr Majors sent to Ms Jabbari asking her not to go to the hospital following an alleged altercation. He even threatened to commit suicide if she went, text messages showed.

The most damaging piece of evidence perhaps was a video of the couple on the night of the March incident in which Mr Majors can be seen pushing Ms Jabarri into a car, yanking her onto a road and then running away from her.

Priya Chaudhry, an attorney representing Jonathan Majors, said the actor is preparing counterclaims against Ms Jabbai.

“This is no surprise,” she said in a statement.

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