Police release mugshot of alleged stalker covered in blood who left candy on ex-colleague’s doorstep before trying to kidnap her

Violent incident happened as woman was escorted to car in Oklahoma by husband

Graeme Massie
Los Angeles
Monday 05 April 2021 21:39 BST
Bloody mugshot of alleged stalker Justin Arthur-Ray Davis who tried to kidnap ex-colleague
Bloody mugshot of alleged stalker Justin Arthur-Ray Davis who tried to kidnap ex-colleague (TPD)

Police released the bloody mugshot of an alleged stalker accused of shooting a woman’s husband and trying to kidnap her from her own home.

Justin Arthur-Ray Davis is accused of harassing the unnamed woman in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for a month after he resigned from their workplace.

She had filed a protective order against him after he had sat outside her home, and left candy and food on her doorstep.

The incident occurred  when the woman was being escorted to her car by her husband as she left to go to work last week.

When the couple spotted Davis near their home, he allegedly got out of his truck and chased them with a shotgun and they ran back into their apartment.

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“Davis shot through the door hitting the husband in the hand,” authorities said. 

“Davis [then] went into the apartment and grabbed the victim dragging her down the stairs, assaulting her along the way.”

Neighbours then saw Davis “choke and punch the victim” and drag her towards his truck.

“The husband then came back down stairs to save her and Davis [pointed] the shotgun at him saying he will kill him if she doesn’t get in the truck,” said Tulsa Police Department.

The suspect then reportedly fired two shots from the shotgun into the air.

As police arrived on the scene Davis took off in his truck, later crashing it as he tried to take an off-ramp on I-44.

He was treated for a head wound at hospital before being booked into Tulsa County Jail on multiple charges, including eluding police, first degree burglary, kidnapping, and stalking.

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