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TV reporter tries to stop LA police arresting black store owners and good Samaritans instead of looters

Footage shows officer turn gun towards locals

Gino Spocchia
Tuesday 02 June 2020 18:36 BST
Good samaritans detained on live television while trying to stop store from being looted

Police arrested black business owners and good Samaritans who were defending a neighbouring store from alleged looters, despite a reporter’s pleas.

The arrest was broadcast live on Fox 11 as reporter Christina Gonzalez described the situation unfolding on the street outside a Van Nuys, Los Angeles, liquor store on Monday.

Monet, a local black woman, had been challenging the alleged looters before she flagged down police.

But when the officers arrived at the scene, one turned his gun towards the business owners and Monet.

Ms Gonzales, who was watching from the sidelines, shouted: “No, no, they’re fine. Oh no.”

The live camera turned to watch more police officers chase down the alleged looters, before Monet and other black community members were then arrested and hand-cuffed as Ms Gonzales tried to explain that they had been protecting the store.

It began when armed businesses owners and community members confronted alleged looters who had assembled outside a gold store on the same street.

“They’re having a stand-off here, arguing about why they aren’t being allowed to break in to the place,” Ms Gonzalez said as the confrontation between the group and the armed businesses owners began.

Monet told the looters: “We’re not doing that. We’re not tearing up anything over here.”

“I was handcuffed, thrown up against a wall with my husband and brother-in-law, and I’m like, ‘What the hell?’” Monet later told Fox 11.

“The news people are here and telling you it’s not her, she’s trying to stop the situation.”

Monet, who was later released along with other community members, added that she did not want to see destruction amid the protests against George Floyd’s death.

She told Fox 11: ”I understand the protest. I understand what this is about. I get it.

“I understand that – I’m fighting for the same protest, but we don’t want people from other cities to come and tear [apart] where we live because we have to rebuild this. We did this once before. I understand the anger.”

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