Identical twin sisters in Michigan running for office in opposing parties

'The left wing and the right wing belong to the same bird,' the sisters say

Kimberley Richards
New York
Thursday 19 July 2018 22:29
Twin sisters run for Kent County office in opposing parties

Identical twin sisters in Michigan are both running for public office, but for opposing parties.

Sisters Jessica Ann Tyson and Monica Sparks are each vying to become Kent County Commissioners, but in different jurisdictions and for opposing parties. Ms Tyson, a Republican, is running in the 13th district while her Democratic twin, Ms Sparks, is campaigning for commissioner in the 12th.

In a post published to Facebook, Ms Sparks noted that while the two were raised to dress alike and never argue, they’ve maintained their individualism and independent belief systems.

“Growing up as an identical twin our mother dressed us alike, yet never allowed us to argue or fight each other,” she wrote. “She taught us instead to think for ourselves and [challenge] the system. In a world where politics rule conversations and relationships, I am thankful to stand for my individual beliefs and values. Thankful to be strategic and intelligent enough to work to get done for the people.”

Still, the twins have admitted that their political campaigns have caused them to be momentarily “separated” – but not divided.

“We are not divided,” Ms Sparks said during an interview with local Michigan Fox 17. “Separated for a season, guess you could say because after this we will figure out whichever way it goes.”

Ms Tyson added, “She's my biggest cheerleader and right now I don't have my biggest cheerleader.”

The twins have been open about the hardships they’ve endured in the early years of their childhood. In a profile published in Michigan’s Women’s Lifestyle magazine earlier this month, the sisters said their birth mother was a heroin addict who was unable to take care of them. They subsequently entered the foster care system which led to years of abuse and neglect. At 8 years old, the twins were adopted into a loving home.

“It was such a blessing to have the good parents that we had, I don’t know what would have happened without them,” Ms Tyson said.

When asked on Fox & Friends how they approach their conflicting political views in their day-to-day lives, both sisters agreed: “The left wing and the right wing belong to the same bird.“

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