New York snowstorm: Amazing drone footage reveals scale of chaos in parts of US

Five people have been killed by the storm so far

Lamiat Sabin
Wednesday 19 November 2014 17:42 GMT
A shot of the empty snow-covered streets from the aerial drone camera
A shot of the empty snow-covered streets from the aerial drone camera

A snowstorm that fell over New York state and surrounding areas - which attributed to five deaths - and a man took it upon himself to get a bird's eye view of his completely covered neighbourhood.

James Grimaldi, as stated by his YouTube name, mounted a camera on an aerial drone to document the thick blankets of snow, which covered the northwest of the US, stranded drivers and grounded flights within 24 hours.

The fifth death was confirmed today after the body of a 46-year-old man was found in Erie County, which includes Buffalo in north east New York.

One person was killed in a traffic accident and three others died after suffering heart problems yesterday, two of whom were believed to have been shoveling heavy snow.

The camera footage starts in his garage where the drone prepares to lift off from the snow-blocked door into the misty daytime sky in order to get a broader look of the residential area.

The camera pans over the empty streets that have no pedestrians or drivers in sight, with pristine white mountains of snow having not yet been dirtied or cleared from the roads.

As snowflakes drop onto the lens the drone makes its way back to the snowed-in house, where the aerial camera operator is seen standing with the controls in his hands, before continuing its journey around the street.

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