Runaway bull sparks chaos in New York City

The animal escaped from a slaughterhouse in Queens

Harry Cockburn
Tuesday 21 February 2017 18:27
Cow on the loose in New York evades law enforcement in pursuit

A runaway bull has led police on a chase through the streets of New York.

Numerous police vehicles were seen pursuing the animal in the Queens area of the city.

The bull reportedly escaped from a large group being delivered to a slaughterhouse on Jamaica Avenue.

A butcher told CBS news staff at the slaughterhouse were moving the group of bulls and believed this one was scared by a loud noise and escaped through fencing.

According to CBS, local resident Felicia Evans said: “It was the running of the bulls today from what I understand.”

Police hit the bull with several tranquilizer darts and tried to corner it. Despite their efforts, the bull evaded capture several times, before eventually being caught in the back garden of a house.

A crew from an animal sanctuary was sent to pick up the animal. Indicating the bull’s escape may have saved its life.

It is the second time a bull has caused havoc in Queens, after a bull named Freddie fled a slaughterhouse sparking a similar police chase.

Freddie’s escape also led to him keeping his life and being sent to live in an animal sanctuary.

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