Ted Cruz sells ‘breathe’ yoga mats in a jibe at Donald Trump

The Texas Senator told Mr Trump to stop interrupting him and to ‘breathe’ - prompting Marco Rubio to tell them to stop doing ‘yoga'


Rachael Revesz
New York
Friday 04 March 2016 21:02 GMT
Marco Rubio asked his rivals to be 'done with the yoga' so he could answer the question
Marco Rubio asked his rivals to be 'done with the yoga' so he could answer the question (AP)

Ted Cruz is now selling branded “breathe” yoga mats to capitalise on a joke he made about Donald Trump.

During the Republican debate on 3 March Mr Trump tried to interject while Mr Cruz was talking about endorsing George W Bush.

“I know it’s hard Donald not to interrupt but try," Mr Cruz said. "Breathe, breathe.”

“Lying Ted,” said Mr Trump, continuing to interrupt. “Lying Ted.”

“Breathe, breathe,” coaxed Mr Cruz.

“When they’re done with the yoga, can I answer the question?” interjected Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

“You cannot. I really hope you don’t see yoga on this stage,” responded Mr Cruz.

“Well he’s very flexible so you never know,” joked Mr Rubio, gaining the largest laughs from the audience of the night.

Now the Texan Senator, determined to get the last laugh, is promoting a new branded accessory that raise funds for his campaign.

The red yoga mats cost $35 and are available to pre-order on his website. They will be shipped from 18 March.

The “Made in USA” description is a very pointed remark given the Republican’s views against outsourcing manufacturing and jobs overseas.

Other accessories on Mr Cruz's site include badges, a colouring book, drawstring backpacks, a phone case and grill spatulas.

The Republican debate descended into a series of jibes and jokes on Thursday evening as Donald Trump confronted rumours of his “small hands”, showing them to the audience, and also commenting on the size of his genitalia.

“And he [Mr Rubio] referred to my hands, if they’re small, something else must be small - I guarantee you there’s no problem,” Mr Trump said.

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