Teen admits to attacking strangers in social media prank

The man, identified by ABC13, said that the alleged assaults were a ‘prank’

Mike Bedigan
Los Angeles
Monday 30 October 2023 23:22 GMT

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Police in Texas have launched an investigation after footage was circulated on social media of a teenager assaulting strangers in a local park – for a TikTok video.

The suspect, who was identified by ABC13, admitted to being behind the video, but told the outlet that the alleged assaults were a “prank” and that he had not intended to harm anyone.

Footage posted on social media platform Nextdoor showed the man, dressed in a red hoodie, approach two separate people from behind and hit them in the head. He also tackles one of the men at the waist.

Harris County Sheriff’s Department confirmed to The Independent that officers were investigating the incidents, which reportedly occurred on Thursday. No official charges have been filed.

The 19-year-old, later tracked down by ABC, said that he was not “trying to hurt” the men he had allegedly attacked.

The man was seen assaulting strangers in footage posted on social media platform Nextdoor

"It was a prank. I had no problem with the man. I wasn’t trying to hurt him,” he told the outlet via a text message.

“I was hanging out with my friend, and we did a TikTok (video), and so, yeah, I didn’t mean it, didn’t mean to harm anybody.”

Residents interviewed by the station expressed shock at the violent incidents, saying that the park was usually a very peaceful area. Some said that the teenager deserved prison time.

"It’s just ridiculous. Obviously, something is wrong with that person," parkgoer Michael Patrick told the outlet.

"We hope he gets the help he needs and also spends time in jail for something very dangerous. It could have been much worse than it was.”

Fellow resident Frankie Jimenez added: "He’s 19, he’s of age, he knows right from wrong. That’s assault. If I was to do something like that I would be arrested.”

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