Transgender man gives birth

Transgender man gives birth to baby boy in Oregon

The couple describe their son, Leo, being born as 'a pure moment of bliss'

Thursday 03 August 2017 06:56

A transgender man has given born to a baby boy in the US.

Trystan Reese, from Portland, Oregon, was born female but started taking hormones almost a decade ago.

He stopped when he got pregnant and has now given birth to a son, Leo.

Mr Reese suffered a miscarriage the last time he got pregnant and believed he had missed his chance to have children of his own.

Leo becomes the first biological child for Mr Reese and his husband, Biff Chaplow, who already have two adopted children.

"I would say it's unique. I understand that people are not used to two men having a biological child," Mr Reese told Fox News.

“The moment he was born was just like a pure moment of bliss, like the happiest moment of my life. To see the very beginning of Leo, of his life, was just like amazing,” Mr Chaplow added.

The couple shared a picture of the new arrival, Leo, on Facebook

The couple said their friends and family have supported their decision throughout but they have received some backlash from people online.

The news comes only months after the first transgender man gave birth in the UK.

Hayden Cross, 21, made headlines around the world when he announced he was pregnant by a sperm donor, three years after becoming legally male through gender reassignment.

His daughter Trinity-Leigh was born by caesarean and he described her as “perfect in every way”.

Like Mr Reese, Mr Cross has also faced a backlash from users online, with some people even sending him death threats.

“I have had some good reactions but I’ve had some really bad reactions,” Mr Cross told TV host Lorraine Kelly.

“A lot of people don’t really understand the situation, and I get that, but I just want people to be more aware that there are those who do need help, that are like me, and haven’t got anybody to support them.”

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