Trump launches attack on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in contentious Piers Morgan interview

The former president said that Ms Markle might leave Harry ‘when she decides that she likes some other guy better’

Sravasti Dasgupta
Monday 25 April 2022 14:09 BST
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Former president Donald Trump has once again taken aim at Meghan Markle and alleged that she is leading Harry “by the nose”, arguing that the Queen should strip the couple of all royal titles.

Mr Trump’s interview is set to kick off presenter Piers Morgan’s new TV show “Piers Morgan Uncensored”, which airs on Monday night.

In the interview, Mr Trump said that the former royals’ marriage was a ticking time bomb, which will blow up when “Harry decides he’s had enough of being bossed around,” reported The Sun.

The former president said that Ms Markle might leave Harry “when she decides that she likes some other guy better”.

“I’m not a fan of Meghan, and I wasn’t from the beginning. Poor Harry is being led around by his nose. And I think he’s an embarrassment,” he was quoted as saying.

“And I think when she spoke badly of the royal family, but in particular the Queen you know, I met the Queen. It was supposed to be for 20 minutes.”

He added that he met the Queen for more than an hour “because she liked me and I liked her and she let it be known. She liked me and I let it be known.”

When asked if he would remove the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s royal titles if he was the Queen, Mr Trump replied that he would.

“I would. The only thing I disagree with the Queen on, probably one of the only things ever, is that I think she should have said, if that’s your choice, fine. But you no longer have titles, you know, and frankly, don’t come around where you’re just... because her loyalty is to the country.

“She said that many times. Her loyalty is to the country. And I think that he has been so disrespectful to the country, and it’s a great country,” he added.

He also said that according to him Harry is a “whipped” man.

“I won’t use the full expression but Harry is whipped like no person I think I’ve ever seen,” he said.

This is not the first time that the former president has taken a swipe at the Duchess.

Earlier in December he had claimed that she had been “disrespectful” to the British royal family and insisted that Prince Harry has been “used horribly”.

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