Trump-supporting restaurant’s anti-Biden poster backfires

‘Authentic Italian’ business asked customers if they supported ‘Sleepy Joe’

Gino Spocchia
Friday 15 October 2021 18:41

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An Italian restaurant owner in Florida has admitted he regrets turning away Democrats and non “patriots” after his controversial stunt went wrong.

Eddie Lubic, who runs Uncle Eddie’s restaurant in Jupiter, Florida, started displaying a sign in front of his businesses that read: “We are only serving patriots of the USA”.

“If you are still a Biden supporter, this restaurant is not for you.”

Mr Lubic told The Palm Beach Post this week that he was inundated with calls and negative reviews on the internet, forcing him to put away the sign.

A second message board attacks Mr Biden for withdrawing from Afghanistan and asks customers: “Do you still support Sleepy Joe?” following the “debacle”.

It does however welcome both “vaccinated and unvaccinated”.

"I gained some, but I probably lost more people than I gained,” said the Italian restaurant owner. “The message was too heavy for the guys on the Left."

Mr Lubic said it had also been "very tough on his staff”, as well as his business, and that a hostess aged 19 had been cursed “100 times a day”.

Anybody calling Uncle Eddie’s restaurant to complain about his sign is meanwhile met with an advisory that says to “save your breath.”

Reviewers were divided on Google, with a customer writing: “Great restaurant. Great food. I would eat here regardless because I love good Italian food, but the way people are trying to tank his reviews and rating on Google make me want to eat here even more.”

The sign outside Uncle Eddie’s restaurant in Jupiter, Florida

“Be an adult and realise that we can have differing opinions and points of view without trying to destroy the business of someone who doesn’t think or believe the same way we do.”

Another wrote: “Found the food barely passable, but the sign outside ensures I will never go back.”

“I AM a patriot and love America AND I am a Democrat. Further, maybe the soldiers who died were Democrats serving your country knows no party. What a hateful owner.”

“At least I know where NOT to spend my money when visiting relatives in Jupiter.”

Mr Lubic asked The Palm Beach Post why people were supporting Mr Biden, who he said was polling at “38 per cent” for approval.

The real figure is around 44 per cent, according to Five Thirty Eight.

“I just can’t stand looking at him,” said Mr Lunic. “This guy’s killing the country. Did you see him today with the Teleprompter?”

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