Twitter reacts to Elon Musk getting rid of legacy blue checks: ‘Oh thank god i am free’

To keep their verification, Twitter users will have to subscribe to Twitter Blue

Ariana Baio
Thursday 20 April 2023 20:45 BST
Tucker Carlson laughs as Elon Musk describes Twitter layoffs

After much anticipation, Twitter has officially taken away legacy blue checkmarks from those not subscribed to Twitter Blue.

The sudden lack of blue checks hit the social media platform on Thursday, 20 April. Hundreds of thousands of people once verified with the small blue tick saw them rapidly disappear in the afternoon.

While Twitter CEO Elon Musk teased Twitter users about removing verification when he acquired the platform last year, the rollout was made official earlier this month when he notified people it would occur on 20 April.

Mr Musk is replacing legacy blue checkmarks with Twitter Blue checkmarks. Now, if users want to be verified they have to sign-up for the subscription-based feature for $8 per month.

Over the last two weeks, Twitter users not subscribed to Twitter Blue received reminders to sign up for the service if they wanted to keep their blue checkmark.

However, it seems Twitter users rejoiced in the new normal as celebrities, journalists, and public figures slowly lost their special check.

The camaraderie was at an all-time high as Twitter users did what they do best: created memes to cope with the situation.

Many people used the lack of celebrity verifications to poke fun at everyone appearing equal.

Of course, not everyone lost their verification. Those subscribed to Twitter Blue remained intact.

But, in true Twitter fashion, people took the opportunity to mock those who pay for the subscription service.

Government organisations still have verification checks as do state-affiliated representatives, companies, or media entities.

Companies and other types of organisations can also receive a specific verification check indicating it is an “official organisation.”

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