Trump praises Putin, Xi and Kim as he claims Biden is unfit to be president

Trump claims a ‘radical left’ will run the country if Biden wins, while heaping praise on autocratic leaders

Namita Singh
Thursday 15 October 2020 07:05 BST
Trump praises Putin, Xi and Kim as he claims Biden is unfit to be president

President Donald Trump used a campaign rally on Wednesday night to applaud the acumen of the leaders of Russia, China and North Korea, rating them all a “100 per cent”, while criticising his Democrat opponent Joe Biden.

Speaking in Des Moines, Iowa, Mr Trump lavished praise on the trio of autocratic leaders. 

“One thing I have learnt, President Xi of China is 100 per cent, Putin of Russia, 100 per cent... Kim Jong-un of North Korea, 100 per cent,“ Mr Trump said. “These people are sharp and they are smart,” he added.  

Mr Trump contrasted these leaders with the Democratic candidate, claiming Mr Biden has “lost it”.

“Joe has lost it. In his best days, he wasn’t a smart man. Everybody knows that. But Joe is gone. If he wins, the radical left will be running the country. They are addicted to power. And god help us if they get it,” he said.  

Mr Trump’s Iowa stop is part of a barnstorming tour across several states that could be critical to deciding who will win the 3 November election. 

Trump won Iowa by nine points over Hillary Clinton in 2016, a margin he appears to be in danger of squandering with less than three weeks to go until the 2020 presidential elections.

Iowa has been rated as a toss-up by CBS News, with its latest polling showing Mr Biden and Mr Trump tied on 49 per cent each. 

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