'Trump is laughing his a** off': Conservatives mock Democrats over Iowa chaos

President's spokesperson went as far as claiming the vote was being rigged

Chris Riotta
Tuesday 04 February 2020 06:44 GMT
US Election: What is the Iowa caucus?

Conservatives were quick to seize on issues in the Iowa Democratic caucus on Monday night.

Donald Trump Jr lead the criticism with a series of mocking tweets. "I'm just going to beat the DNC and CNN to the punch and declare that it was obviously the Russians", he tweeted.

Conservative Meghan McCain, who has her own issues with Trump, simply pointed out: "Trump laughing his a** off right now'.

However, amid the mockery were more serious - and unfounded - claims of something sinister behind the delay in votes.

Kayleigh McEnany, national spokesperson to the Trump 2020 campaign, wrote: “Dems rigging it in Iowa? Such a peculiar vote delay.”

The allegations came as officials within Iowa’s Democratic Party described issues with an app that was used to transmit vote results from the estimated 1,700 caucus sites across the state. The party said at first that it was performing "quality control checks" on incoming data within the app. Ultimately the main candidates were forced to deliver speeches without any result and move their campaigns out of the state.

Ms McEnany added: “They just can’t let the People have their say!”

Brad Parscale, campaign manager for the president, also tweeted: “Quality control = rigged?”

“Democrat party meltdown. They can’t even run a caucus and they want to run the government,” he added in a separate tweet. “No thank you.”​

The campaign manager manager later said in a statement: "Democrats are stewing in a caucus mess of their own creation with the sloppiest train wreck in history. It would be natural for people to doubt the fairness of the process. And these are the people who want to run our entire health care system?"

"Tonight President Trump posted a record performance in the well-run GOP Iowa caucuses with record turnout for an incumbent", he added.

Local officials were forced to call into a hotline and report the results from each caucus precinct after the new app experienced statewide issues.

It was unclear as of midnight local time what the official results from the nation’s first vote, would be though some candidates continued along the campaign trail like Amy Klobuchar, who delivered a celebratory speech during the result delay.

“There may be some delays”, she said, but added: “We are punching above our weight!”

Reports also indicated officials from Bernie Sanders campaign were called to meet with officials from the state Democratic Party to discuss the result delays, though it was unclear whether other campaign officials were being called in as well.

The confusion and extensive delays were also met with swift backlash from supporters of the candidates vying for a shot at unseating Donald Trump in the 2020 elections.

"We found inconsistencies in the reporting of three sets of results," said a statement from Iowa Democratic Party's communication director.

The statement continued: "This is simply a reporting issue ... this is not a hack or intrusion. The underlying paper trail is sound and will simply take time to report the result."

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