US Mayor's husband attends joke KKK rally

The husband of a small town Mayor is photographed wearing a white robe and appearing to set fire to a crucifix

Will Grice
Tuesday 03 November 2015 11:26 GMT
Mr Sharp and his friends spotted wearing KKK-esque robes. via Twitter
Mr Sharp and his friends spotted wearing KKK-esque robes. via Twitter

A US mayor has apologised after her husband dressed up as a member of the Ku Klux Klan and set fire to a crucifix at a fake rally because it was "something to do".

Teresa Sharp, Mayor of Lahoma in Oklahoma, said sorry after a picture of her husband attending a fake rally emerged on social media.

The Mayor’s husband, Cary Sharp, was photographed on Halloween wearing the group's infamous white robe.

Speaking to KWTV, Mr Sharp said, “We sat around the bonfire and drank a couple of beers and thought, well…we just thought it would be something to do.

“It’s not something to do. I’m embarrassed. I have shamed my family and friends and I apologise for that.”

His wife added: “I don’t condone it regardless of who it is – whether it’s my husband or whether it’s Joe Smith around the corner.”

The local police responded to the scene after a witness reported Mr Sharp and his friends.

Local newspaper, Enid News & Eagle, obtained a copy of Garfield County Deputy Aaron Moore’s report, in which the deputy wrote: “I advised the group why I was there, and that although I know it was a joke that they save them and myself anymore headaches to not burn anymore crosses.”

Mr Sharp contests that he and his friend’s did not actually burn any crosses. Garfield County Sheriff Jerry Niles told Enid News the prank was “very poor judgement”.

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