US pizza delivery man still manages to deliver pizza despite being stabbed in the back

Josh Lewis is reportedly now recovering in hospital but his co-workers are fund-raising to support his hospital costs

Rose Troup Buchanan
Tuesday 05 May 2015 15:18 BST
Josh Lewis before he was attacked
Josh Lewis before he was attacked (GoFundMe)

A US pizza delivery man is recovery in hospital after being viciously stabbed but still managed to deliver his pizzas.

Josh Lewis told Spinelli Pizzeria colleagues he was attacked after a man jumped out of an unidentified car, stabbed him in the back and then stole his car, as he delivered pizzas to Norton Hospital emergency room in Louisiana around 2.45pm Sunday afternoon.

The 25-year-old university student from Detroit, Michigan, allegedly walked into the emergency room announced his arrival with pizza and then collapsed to the floor.

"It’s surreal, I can't believe it happened to him," Willow Rouben, regional manager for Spinelli's Pizzeria, told WLKY.

Mr Lewis, who Ms Rouben described as “a sweetheart”, suffered a collapsed lung after the blade perforated the cavity and had to be rushed into surgery at the University of Louisville Hospital.

His co-workers have now set up a GoFundMe site to help the university student, now reportedly in a stable condition, pay for his medical and recovery bills.

Police are still searching for his attacker, described only as a black male in his 40s, as well as Mr Lewis’ stolen vehicle.

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