Capitol police officer wounded on Jan 6 reacts to Trump charges: ‘I call dibs on handcuffing him’

Aquilino Gonell recently retired from the US Capitol Police Department

Eric Garcia
Friday 09 June 2023 15:12 BST
Why has Donald Trump been indicted again?

One of the police officers injured during the January 6 Capitol riot volunteered to handcuff Donald Trump when the former president announced his indictment on federal charges.

Retired US Capitol Police Staff Sergeant Aquilino Gonell, who resigned in December, posted the video of Mr Trump’s announcement on Twitter.

“I call dibs on handcuffing him,” he tweeted.

Mr Gonell announced his resignation from the Capitol Police force on 12 December, citing how he sought to continue to recover “physically and mentally” from the injuries he incurred as he defended the US Capitol when supporters of Mr Trump stormed the building in an attempt to stop the certification of the 2020 presidential results. Mr Gonell suffered injuries in his hands, shoulder, calf and foot.

Mr Gonell also tagged fellow Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn. The two men, as well as Washington DC Police Officer Daniel Hodges and retired officer Michael Fanone, all testified at the inaugural hearing of the House select committee that investigated the riot.

“It is probably best if you did it...,” Mr Dunn tweeted in response. In turn, Mr Hodges replied: “I'll take the next one.”

A federal grand jury indicted Mr Trump for charges stemming his unlawful retention of classified documents with national defence information. The indictment reportedly includes seven counts. The investigation began last year after National Archives and Records Administration discovered more than 100 documents bearing classified markings as they conducted an inventory on a group of 15 boxes retrieved at Mr Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

Mr Trump, for his part, has proclaimed his innocence.

“I never thought it possible that such a thing could happen to a former President of the United States, who received far more votes than any sitting President in the History of our Country, and is currently leading, by far, all Candidates, both Democrat and Republican, in Polls of the 2024 Presidential Election,” he said.

Mr Trump said he has been summoned to appear at a federal courthouse at Tuesday 3pm ET.

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