Donald Trump properties flooded with one-star ratings on Google Reviews

'Owned by a racist sexist pig, avoid!'

Lily Pickard
Thursday 10 November 2016 18:32
The property tycoon turned Bonwit Teller’s flagship department store in New York into Trump Tower (G
The property tycoon turned Bonwit Teller’s flagship department store in New York into Trump Tower (G

Angry voters are flooding Donald Trump’s properties on Google Reviews with one-star ratings and personal attacks, after the businessman was elected the new President of the United States.

The Trump Organisation owns buildings and hotels in a number of locations, including across the United States, and the International Golf Links in Scotland.

A variety of properties with the “Trump” name in their title are now receiving poor ratings on Google Reviews from people angry that Mr Trump has won the US election.

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Many are simply leaving the one-star rating without comments, but others are going a step further.

On the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas a recent reviewer has written: “Trump is a racist don’t support this Hotel.”

Trump Tower and other properties are being flooded with one star ratings on Google Reviews.

A more lengthy one-star review of Trump Tower in New York starts by saying: “the end of the world has come to us in the form of Donald Trump. He says he is happy to use nukes so how could you support this man”, and ends by imploring Mr Trump to “leave all other countries alone and for gods sake leave the damn Mexicans alone.”

Several commenters have gone down the more humorous route, with one person suggesting Trump Tower “needs a wall and or moat”.

Over at the Trump International Golf Links in Scotland, meanwhile, someone wrote: “A wall was built in the middle of the golf course which stopped me from playing golf... I also had to pay for the wall to be built.”

Another pulls no punches: “Owned by a racist sexist pig, avoid!”

Some supporters of Mr Trump have started jumping to his defence, with five-star reviews being left to counteract the ratings protest.

One is accompanied by: “Trump is gonna MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

Mr Trump found fame as a successful businessman and was a household name across the world long before his Presidency campaign.

His billion-dollar net worth and myth of being a self-made man helped his appeal to the American electorate – but all might not be as it seems.

Recent controversies surrounding Mr Trump’s business include an elderly Scottish woman left without water due to the building of the golf course in Aberdeenshire.

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