Thousands set to point and laugh at Trump Towers day after US election in worldwide event

Americans 'of all stripes and creeds' will unite to let Trump know he is 'underserving of their respect'

Christopher Hooton
Tuesday 08 November 2016 09:46 GMT
Flipping the bird at Trump Towers has also become popular in recent weeks
Flipping the bird at Trump Towers has also become popular in recent weeks (@paulinelmr)

We might be getting ahead of ourselves, with the polls at the time of writing showing Hillary Clinton only having a narrow margin over Donald Trump, but the plans for the celebration of Trump’s defeat are already well underway.

A Facebook event has been gathering interest in the last few days that is rallying people to gather outside Trump’s New York tower and residence to “point and laugh” on 9 November, with 35,000 people interested in attending.

Thousands more are attending spinoff events in Chicago and Washington DC, while people outside of the US are being encouraged to get involved too as the Republican candidate has “plenty of buildings around the world with [his] name branded into them."

“On November 9th, the day after Donald Trump has cemented himself forever in history as a Loser, let's have Americans of all stripes and creeds gather at his office to point and laugh,” the NYC event description reads.

“Together, we as a nation, will unite to let Mr. Trump know that we all view him as a tiny, little man underserving of our respect.

“What a fun day this will be!”

Gesticulating at Trump Towers has become popular during the campaign, mostly in the form of a middle finger.

After $2.1bn spent, 575 days of campaigning and dozens of scandals, it has finally come down to the one day when America will decide its destiny – and it is still too close to call.

The latest polls indicate that Clinton is between four and five per cent ahead of Trump, with a small lead in the key state of Florida.

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