Columnist calls Trump a ‘big whale in a polo shirt’ in defence of Biden’s beach trip

The columnist, Ellis Henican, underscored Mr Trump’s vacation history

Kelly Rissman
Monday 10 July 2023 17:50 BST
Biden relaxes on Delaware beach with wife Jill

After Newsmax host Michael Grimm blasted President Joe Biden’s beach trip, columnist Ellis Henican snapped back, recalling former President Donald Trump’s many vacations during his time in office.

The current president spent time at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware on Saturday before leaving for Europe. “So, Ellis, this is your guy on the beach, which, by the way, I want you to know, Ellis, I can’t get that vision out of my head, and I’m screwed up for the rest of the day,” Mr Grimm said on Newsmax. “Is this the right look ahead of a major international meeting for Biden?”

“I can’t believe this is your argument,” Mr Henican retorted. “This is un-American, denying the man a chance to visit the beach. My God.”

The columnist then underscored Mr Trump’s vacation history. “This thing, honestly, Mike, you know, it’s just a test on how hostile you are to the president,” he continued. “You guys didn’t mind it when Trump, looking like a big whale in a polo shirt, was waddling around the golf course.”

“I guess you all thought that was, I don’t know what, attractive or manly or something,“ Mr Henican added. “And you just hate it when Biden does it.”

According to an analysis by the Washington Post, which compared the time spent on vacation by Mr Biden and Mr Trump, both spent all or part of at least 250 of the first 853 days of their presidencies on vacation.

The Post pointed out that Trump’s time away from the White House was usually spent at properties he owned, where he could rake in customers for private businesses.

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