‘Irony is dead’: Eric Trump mocked over criticism of Biden being in Delaware

Analysis suggests former president was away every 3.4 days, on average

Gino Spocchia
Tuesday 19 October 2021 19:05

Eric Trump criticises Joe Biden for spending time away from White House

Twitter users have declared irony “dead” after Donald Trump’s second-eldest son, Eric, accused Joe Biden of spending too much time away from Washington DC.

Eric Trump, who was speaking with Fox News on Tuesday, accused the US president of being away from DC amid an alleged “worsening economic crisis” and compared it to August, when American forces withdrew from Afghanistan.

“Afghanistan is falling. Guess what? You have president Biden who is in Delaware not solving that problem,” Mr Trump alleged.

Mr Biden had been at Camp David, the US president’s country residence, during the Afghanistan withdrawal and returned to DC amid an evacuation of Americans, allies and asylum seekers.

While at the weekend, the US president was in DC for the 40th Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service at the Capitol, where he remembered those who died following January’s Capitol riot — which was carried out by a Trump-supporting mob.

Dozens of social media users hit out at Mr Trump for his comments, which many said were proof that irony was “deader than dead”.

His father infamously golfed on hundreds of occasions while living at the White House, and according to analysis by The Washington Post, spent on average every 3.4 days at a property owned by his Trump Organization.

“Maybe he doesn’t remember is daddy golfing while Covid was running rampant in this country!,” a Twitter user wrote.

“Or that daddy wanted everyone to inject bleach as a cure, or any other numbers of times his daddy was at a resort while something was going wrong.”

“Eric Trump says a sitting president shouldn’t spend time at his personal property,” added best-selling author Vicky Ward.

“According to Phillip Bump (of The Washington Post), Donald Trump visited a Trump Organization property on 428 days of his presidency, or one visit every 3.4 days.”

The remarks by Mr Trump followed Mr Biden announcing last week that ports would work 24/7 to shift items to stores across the, US amid a bottleneck in the country’s supply chains and a surge in consumer demand.

The latest jobs report, meanwhile, found that the country added fewer jobs than expected last month.

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