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Georgia Senate election results: Jon Ossoff declared runoff winner as ‘militia gathers’ at state Capitol

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Democrats took control of the Senate after Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock defeated Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler by razor-thin margins.

The victories were overshadowed by riots in Washington DC as a mob of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol in an effort to stop the count of the Electoral College votes declaring Joe Biden as president elect.

The chaos spread to Georgia as governor Brian Kemp and secretary of state Brad Raffensperger were reportedly evacuated after a 'militia' gathered outside the state Capitol.

Mr Ossoff, 33, becomes the youngest man to enter the Senate since president-elect Joe Biden did so himself in 1973 while Reverend Warnock becomes the state’s first black senator and only the second black senator elected to represent a former Confederate state.

Their wins mean that both parties have 50 senators each, leaving the deciding vote in legislative matters with vice president-elect Kamala Harris and seeing Mitch McConnell deposed as majority leader.


Early clashes with police in DC ahead of Electoral College vote

Trump is due to address his supporters in Washington this morning before the certification process gets underway, with the city has already beset by violence from “Stop the Steal” protesters.

Stuti Mishra has this report on what promises to be a difficult day ahead.

Early clashes with police in DC ahead of Electoral College vote

Police can be seen using pepper spray to stop the crowd from marching ahead

Joe Sommerlad6 January 2021 13:50

Warnock wakes up, says he is ‘an example of the American dream’

Speaking the morning after his projected victory over Republican senator Kelly Loeffler on Tuesday night, Raphael Warnock told CNN that it “was a wonderful day here in Georgia" and that he was “deeply honoured” to have won.   

“I am an iteration and example of the American dream.” he said on Wednesday morning.  “I’m deeply honoured that the people of Georgia have placed their trust in someone who grew up in public housing, one of twelve children."

Mr Warnock will be the first black senator elected to Congress from Georgia. after what has been a historic election. 

Gino Spocchia6 January 2021 14:05

Democrat praise for historic Georgia candidates

Jamie Harrison, the Democrat who stood against senator Lindsey Graham in South Carolina in November, was among those celebrating both Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock’s apparent wins in Georgia’s runoffs. 

He wrote: “Not long ago, Blacks and Jews risked their lives fighting for civil rights in the South. Now, Georgia is proving that the New South is here — and we’re bold, diverse, and united for change.”

Following Tuesday’s election, Mr Ossoff looked set to become the first Jewish man elected to the senate from Georgia, while Mr Warnock was set to become the state’s first black senator. 

Both men had been targeted by their Republican opponents in attack ads that were condemned as being racist. 

Here’s a reminder:

Loeffler and Perdue accused of photoshopping opponents in racist attack ads

‘There is no level she could stoop to that would surprise us,’ says Warnock’s campaign after ad manipulation by Loeffler 

Gino Spocchia6 January 2021 14:35

‘The message from Georgia is clear: Donald Trump is an electoral liability’

For Indy Voices, Sean O’Grady looks at a president whose inability to accept his own failure has torn the Republican Party in two.

The message from Georgia is clear: Trump is an electoral liability | Sean O’Grady

How did the reliably Republican state flip like this? Trump has frightened potential supporters away and ensured Democrat voters are even more determined to turn out

Joe Sommerlad6 January 2021 14:55

Ossoff vs Perdue still ‘too early to call’, says AP

Although the Democrat has already declared himself the winner, the news wire is still erring on the side of caution:

The race for US Senate in Georgia between incumbent GOP Sen. David Perdue and Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff is too early to call.

As of 9.45am EST on Wednesday, Ossoff had a lead of 17,025 votes out of nearly 4.4 million counted, or a margin of less than 0.4 percentage points.

There were still some mail ballots and in-person early votes left to be counted statewide, the majority of which are in Democratic-leaning counties.

Under Georgia law, a trailing candidate may request a recount when the margin of an election is less than or equal to 0.5 percentage points.

Joe Sommerlad6 January 2021 15:15

Schumer and Pelosi congratulate Warnock and Ossoff

Chuck and Nancy have been heaping praise on the dynamic duo, with the House speaker recognising them as disciples of the late John Lewis and his “good trouble” philosophy.

Joe Sommerlad6 January 2021 15:40

Mitt Romney rips Trump strategy to undermine election

The Utah senator was accosted by MAGA meatheads at Salt Lake City airport this week but remains undeterred, offering this withering assessment of the party’s disastrous defeat in Georgia:

Namita Singh has this on his run-in with aggrieved red caps.

Mitt Romney hounded by Trump supporters on plane to DC

Senator Mitt Romney is among the few conservative leaders who have resisted Mr Trump’s push to oppose the congressional vote to affirm the electoral victory of Joe Biden

Joe Sommerlad6 January 2021 16:00

President-elect cheers Georgia wins

Here’s Biden’s statement on a brace of wins that greatly improve his chances of delivering change.

Joe Sommerlad6 January 2021 16:20

Georgia election official says there is ‘no evidence’ of irregularities in Senate runoff 

Gabriel Sterling, a top Republican election official in Georgia, has again debunked any claims that any voter fraud took place in the state’s Senate runoff on Tuesday. 

When speaking to reporters on Wednesday, he said there is "no evidence of any irregularities" in last night’s election. 

“The biggest thing we've seen is from the president's fertile mind of finding fraud where none exists,” Mr Sterling said. "The statements [Donald Trump] keeps putting out there are incorrect and undermine people's faith in the election process."

The Republican official has become more and more outspoken against Mr Trump after weeks of the president baselessly claiming there was massive voter fraud in Georgia during the presidential election. Mr Sterling accused the president of being the main reason why the both Republican Senate candidates likely lost the Senate runoff yesterday. 

It was projected that Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock beat Republican incumbent Kelly Loeffler. The race between Democratic Jon Ossoff and Republican incumbent David Purdue has yet to be called, but it looked as though Mr Ossoff would likely win as well. 

Mr Sterling said the state of Georgia made it “easy” for people to vote in this election, but that there was little opportunity for any cheating. 

Danielle Zoellner6 January 2021 16:44

Georgia election official says Ossoff is likely to finish with enough votes to avoid recount

Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling told reporters today that Democrat Jon Ossoff will likely beat Republican incumbent Senator David Perdue by enough votes to avoid a recount. 

“It looks like Jon Ossoff will likely have a margin outside of the half a per cent to avoid a recount, and Reverend Warnock is ahead of him right now, so if Ossoff avoids that recount so does Reverend Warnock," Mr Sterling said. 

In Georgia, if a race’s margin is less than or equal to 0.5 per cent, a recount can be issued. Mr Sterling believes Mr Ossoff’s total will eventually exceed that threshold.  

Graig Graziosi6 January 2021 17:10

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