Fox News host makes questionable claim about Hunter Biden’s new haircut

‘The hair maintains the drug for a significant period of time even for years depending upon how long it is, depending upon the toxicity, how concentrated it was and how much was used’

Mike Bedigan
Los Angeles
Wednesday 04 October 2023 21:43 BST
Fox News host claims Hunter Biden cut hair to conceal drug use

A Fox News host has made a questionable claim about Hunter Biden’s new haircut, suggesting that it may be a strategy for beating drug tests.

Jeanine Pirro said that human hair could “maintain” drugs for “a significant amount of time” and that Mr Biden’s new buzz cut would mean not enough hair would be able to be produced for testing.

In mid-September, Mr Biden was federally indicted on three counts of gun-related charges. He faces allegations of lying about his use of drugs on a firearm application in order to obtain a Colt Cobra .38mm handgun in October 2018.

Typically, those accused of lying on a federal firearms application negotiate deals rather than spend time in prison, though attorneys for Mr Biden have claimed the charges have resulted from “political pressure from President Trump and his Maga allies”.

Speaking on Fox News’ The Five on Tuesday, Ms Pirro – a former New York State judge – said that Mr Biden was “very savvy about drug testing”.

“We’ve known Hunter for a long time and we’ve never seen him with a buzz cut. So I happen to think that he’s now represented by an attorney who knows full well that you can pee in a cup. They can test your blood, and a lot of drugs move very quickly through your system,” she said.

“But the part of your body that drugs don’t move quickly through is your hair… I was a narcotics judge for over a year and so I would mandate that certain defendants be tested by their hair.

“The hair maintains the drug for a significant period of time even for years depending upon how long it is, depending upon the toxicity, how concentrated it was and how much was used.

“By his having a buzz cut, when they go to pull a hair, they’re not going to have a sufficient amount to even be able to test so that he can be clean in the urine or a blood sample because there are some things, like some marijuana can go in and out of your system in a matter of a day or two days or three days.”

She added: “You could also take pubic hair, but we know from the laptop that he happens to take care of himself,” appearing to refer to explicit images of Mr Biden recently shown in court by Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Ms Pirro continued: “So what we’ve got is a guy who was very savvy about drug testing and doesn’t want there to be any evidence about it… That’s what goes on in real courtrooms.”

Mr Biden has pleaded not guilty to the three gun-related charges at his arraignment in Delaware District Court in Wilmington, and appeared in court in person on Tuesday morning.

According to the indictment, Mr Biden knowingly lied about his previous drug use on a federal form. Mr Biden and his family have publicly acknowledged his substance abuse disorder to crack cocaine and alcohol.

He then, allegedly, possessed the illegally obtained firearm for 11 days between 12 October and 23 October 2018. The federal charges came after Republicans in the House tried to tie Mr Biden’s business dealings abroad to his father, President Joe Biden, in their effort to impeach him.

Fox News has been approached for comment about Ms Pirro’s remarks.

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