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Biden news: Democrat campaign hit by 'Kremlin-backed' hackers as Harris heads to Florida touches down in Florida where race is neck and neck

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Gino Spocchia,Danielle Zoellner,Justin Vallejo
Friday 11 September 2020 02:09 BST
Joe Biden has condemned Donald Trump over reported comments on coronavirus
Joe Biden has condemned Donald Trump over reported comments on coronavirus (Getty Images)

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Louise Thomas

Louise Thomas


Joe Biden's campaign was reportedly hit by suspected Russian state-backed hackers after they unsuccessfully tried to breach SKDKnickerbocker, a Washington-based strategy and communications firm that has been working with the campaign.  

The US Treasury also sanctioned Ukrainian lawmaker Andrii Derkach for election interference against Mr Biden, including promoting “false and unsubstantiated” allegations.

It came as Democratic vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, visited Florida in an effort to drum up more support from voters in the battleground state.  

Mr Biden has faced struggles when attempting to garner support from Hispanic voters. Ms Harris in Miami could be the campaign’s latest effort to sway voters ahead of November.  

She may be hoping Florida voters wear Converse sneakers because the Senator's sartorial choices were all the rage on the campaign trail.

All the rage in the Beltway, meanwhile, was "Rage" itself, Bob Woodward's upcoming book. Biden said Donald Trump had 'no conception' of national security after revelations the president boasted about classified nuclear weapons systems to veteran journalist Bob Woodward.

Biden, meanwhile, will have a chance to face Trump more directly, with his campaign announcing the pair would hold competing events in Minnesota next Friday.


Keep Calm and Carry On – Trump compares himself to Winston Churchill

Addressing claims of ‘whack job’ Bob Woodward that he underplayed the dangers of coronavirus, Trump today compared himself to British prime minister Winston Churchill speaking on rooftops as Hitler rained down bombs on London during the Blitz.

“As the British government advised the British people in the face of World War II, keep calm and carry on, that’s what I did,” Trump said.

“This whack job that wrote the book he said, ‘well Trump knew a little bit’, people wanted me to come out and scream ‘people are dying are dying’, no, no, we did it just the right way. We have to be calm we don’t want to be crazed lunatics we have to lead.”

Justin Vallejo11 September 2020 01:34

Anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist Biden putting lives at risk – Trump said

“Once again Biden is hurting innocent people with his dangerous anti-vaccine conspiracy theories putting millions of lives around the world at risk,” Trump said.

“And the only reason he’s doing that is he knows we’re right next to having a vaccine so he wants to belittle the vaccine because he doesn’t want us to get credit.”

Justin Vallejo11 September 2020 01:26

Trump wasn’t giving away classified information, he says, he was just saying the US’s weapons are really good

In response to revelations in Bob Woodward’s new book about new nuclear weapons systems, the president said he just wanted to say how good they are.

“With the fake news today I said, ‘we have systems and missiles and rockets and military’…  we have systems that you’ve never even seen before. President Xi has nothing like it. Putin has nothing like it. Nobody has anything like what we have,” Trump said.

“And they said, ‘is he giving away military information’, no, I’m saying we have the greatest weapons in the world, that’s what I’m saying.”

Justin Vallejo11 September 2020 01:13

Biden worst presidential candidate in history of presidential candidates - Trump

“I have the distinct pleasure of running against the worst presidential candidate in the history of presidential politics, I really believe that. I do,” Trump said at his rally today.

“Can you imagine if I lost to him? I’d have to say that I lost to the worst candidate ever put up. Don’t do that to me Michigan. Don’t do that.”

Justin Vallejo11 September 2020 01:02

New York Times reporter kicked out of Trump rally

In what is a first for NYT correspondent, Kathy Gray says she was kicked out of Trump’s Michigan rally.

She hasn’t yet said what caused the ejection.

Justin Vallejo11 September 2020 00:41

Melania Trump said Biden’s debate performance was ‘so sad’, the president said

Donald Trump said he watched the Democratic debates with his wife, Melania, who watched Joe Biden and said it was “so sad”.

“And she’s a nice person, me I view it differently. But she looked and she watched the debate and she watched Joe, and she said ‘darling it’s so sad’… and this is the guy we’re running against,” Trump said.

Justin Vallejo11 September 2020 00:36

Biden will open flood gates to refugees from ‘terrorist hot spots’ - Trump

The president said today that Joe Biden would eliminate jobs and the country’s borders to “flood your state with refugees”.

“From terrorist hot spots around the world from Syria, Somalia, and Yemen. Biden’s pledged to have a 700 per cent increase. He made this deal with crazy Bernie. A 700 percent increase in the flow.”

Justin Vallejo11 September 2020 00:31

Trump began his campaign rally with an old favorite Biden attack

“If Biden wins China wins, if Biden wins the mob wins, if Biden wins the rioters, anarchists, arsonists and flag burners win,” Trump said.

“But I wouldn’t worry about it because he’s not winning [pause for adulation] you know this is not the crowd of a person who comes in second place you do know that.”

Justin Vallejo11 September 2020 00:22

As the president arrives in Michigan for campaign rally, Trump and Biden plan to face off with competing events in Minnesota next Friday

President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden will both bring their presidential campaigns to Minnesota on Friday of next week.

The Trump campaign announced Thursday that the president will hold a rally at the Bemidji airport Friday, Sept. 18, at 4 p.m.

The Biden campaign said the former vice president will travel to Minnesota the same day, and said details about when and where will be announced later.

Northern Minnesota is a key battleground in the fight for the state’s 10 electoral votes. Trump came within about 45,000 votes of carrying Minnesota in 2016 and has made winning the state a priority this time.

The Trump campaign is trying to build on his support in greater Minnesota and the outer Twin Cities suburbs, while Biden is counting on strong Democratic turnout in the Twin Cities and inner suburbs. The president last campaigned in Minnesota on Aug. 17 in Mankato. This will be Biden’s first campaign stop in the state since December 2017.

No Republican has carried Minnesota since 1972. But Trump’s team is increasingly confident about his chances. His campaign sent Donald Trump Jr. and Lara Trump to Minnesota this week, while the Biden campaign sent Jill Biden.

Associated Press

Justin Vallejo11 September 2020 00:18

Trump campaign demands apology and calls for a ‘cease and desist’ of Biden campaign ad on Twitter and Facebook  

The Trump campaign sent a legal letter to the Biden campaign (plus Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg) calling for the removal of an ad “that contains intentionally false and misleading statements that cannot be verified when it alleges that President Trump made derogatory comments towards fallen American military heroes.”

The video, posted to Biden’s twitter feed, references the Atlantic article that quoted anomyous sources alleging the president called Americans who died in war “losers”  and “suckers”.

“President Trump unequivocally denies making these statements,” Jenna Ellis, senior legal adviser for the Trump campaign, wrote in the letter.

“Both Twitter and Facebook have used their policies to remove or flag tweets and postings by President Trump. Now, Twitter and Facebook — if they are truly trying to be fair arbiters of factually accurate statements — will be obligated to remove your False and Misleading Ad, which is based solely on cites to anonymous sources.”

Read the full letter, obtained an uploaded by Washington Examiner reporter Paul Bedard.

Justin Vallejo10 September 2020 23:05

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