Kimmel ridicules CPAC: ‘Our worst and dimmest’

“It’s a who’s who of who won’t accept the results of the election”

Amelia Neath
Friday 23 February 2024 18:40 GMT
Jimmy Kimmel roasts Lara Trump's talk at CPAC convention

Jimmy Kimmel mocked attendees of the right-wing Conservative Political Action Conference as “our worst and dimmest” as he branded them the “right-wing nuttiest Republicans.”

“It’s a who’s who of who won’t accept the results of the election,” the late-night talk show host joked.

Kimmel was also keen to get onto which speakers would grace the attendees with their presence on stage at the event taking place in Washington, DC.

“Every year, your standard collection of Roger Stones and Sloppy Steves and flat-earthers and whatnot, with a few foreign dictators and accused sexual predators sprinkled in,” he said.

Among some of the most notable speakers was Lara Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, who has recently been endorsed by him to become the new co-chair of the Republican National Committee.

Kimmel makes jokes of Lara and Eric Trump after Lara’s CPAC appearance (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

During her talk, Ms Trump spoke about how she wanted her son to know that “it’s okay to be a patriot.”

“It’s okay to love God, and it’s okay to grow up into a strong, masculine man.”

“That’s right. Strong, masculine man  - just like daddy is,” Kimmel said, showing a picture with an unflattering angle of her husband, Eric Trump.

Ms Trump continued about her family life: “Every night, Eric and I have a tradition. We stop whatever we have going on, and we go do bedtime with the kids, and while they say their prayers and the pledge of allegiance, of course,” she told the audience.

“What sweet memory for your children to share with their therapist years from now,” Kimmel joked, later adding that at the Trumps, every night they brush their teeth with hot dogs.

“Speaking of bedtime, Dr Ben Carson was at CPAC today,” Kimmel said, pivoting onto another speaker, the Former United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, who was talking at a calm pace in his speech.

Lara Trump spoke at CPAC this week sayhing she wants her son to know “its okay to be a patriot” (AP)

“That’s his famous ‘I’m in a dream’ speech,” Kimmel said. “They should put his face on a box of sleepy-time tea.”

The host added that the excitement at the conference was not just a chance for “People in red, white and blue tracksuits to see their favourite con artists in person, it’s also a chance to learn at seminars run by the best in the business.”

He cut to a clip of an announcer revealing which event was next: “Putting Our Heads in the Gas Stove.”

“That’s a real title of a session,” Kimmel said of the unusually-named seminar that was run by former EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler.

“People signed up to see that.”

Among other CPAC events, the former president and Republican nominee Mr Trump has cleared a spot in his busy campaign and court cases schedule to headline the event.

However, before he is slated to grace the stage, he takes the time to make a pop at the host himself on his Truth Social account.

“They could get a far more talented person, who would also get better Ratings, for 5% of what they are paying this Loser!” Trump posted along with an ABC article which reported on Kimmel hinting at retirement.

“I’ve got to say, that’s a helluva way to find out you’re not going to be somebody’s running mate,” Kimmel quipped in response.

The host added: “He has no idea how delighted I am by something like this. I’m going to try to enjoy it because he probably won’t be able to do this when they take away his phone in prison. So I’m gonna really like, soak it in.”

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