Lara Trump ridiculed for questioning Kamala Harris’ qualifications as Twitter highlights VP’s accomplishments

Fox contributor mocked for being among ‘the most un-self-aware people to walk the planet’

Gino Spocchia
Tuesday 15 June 2021 19:31 BST
Lara Trump questions Kamala Harris's qualifications

Lara Trump has been ridiculed for being “less qualified to give policy advice than her father-in-law,” Donald Trump, after she attacked Kamala Harris’s qualifications for being vice president.

In an appearance on “Justice With Judge Jeanine” on Saturday, Ms Trump called the Biden administration’s management of migrants on the US southern border "disgraceful”, before attacking Ms Harris – who has been tasked with responding to the alleged “crisis”.

“I guess she assumed that she could just skirt by without doing anything,” Ms Trump told Jeannine Pirro of the first woman to serve as vice president. “I think she knew she was not prepared for this long before this moment.”

Ms Trump went on: “She knew that she could not handle this job and so then she becomes vice president, she’s told to deal with this crisis on the border, she thinks she can just laugh it off, it’s embarrassing.”

Among the first to ridicule Ms Trump, the former US president’s daughter-in-law, for the interview was Vanity Fair’s Bess Levin who pointed out that “Donald Trump was laughably unqualified to be president and didn’t get better as the years went on”.

She wrote: “So it’s a little rich to hear a Trump family member claim someone—anyone!—currently working in the federal government doesn’t know what they’re doing but hey, that’s them, i.e. the most un-self-aware people to walk the planet.”

Dozens of others on social media also offered ridicule of Ms Trump, who works as a contributor for Fox News and was formerly on Mr Trump’s campaign after a communications degree and training as a pastry chef, as reported by Town and Country.

Ms Harris, in comparison, has worked as a prosecutor, district attorney, state attorney general and US senator before becoming vice president to Joe Biden.

“I doubt Lara Trump would want to to compare her education or resume with our more than qualified VP, Kamala Harris,” a Twitter user wrote of the two women.

Another added: “Before becoming Joe Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris served as a US Senator, AG for the State of CA and DA for the City of San Francisco. How's that?”

On Saturday, Ms Trump went on to argue that people living on the US’ southern border “better arm up, get guns and be ready, and maybe they'll have to start taking matters into their own hands”.

The remarks were also criticised, for inciting violence on the border, where arrivals from south and central America are at their highest in twenty years, according to officials.

Republicans argue that Mr Biden’s presidency – and the prospect of a fairer immigration policy than that of Mr Trump – has caused the influx in arrivals at the US border.

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