Fox News host Neil Cavuto urges vaccinations after bout with Covid, but Fox News hasn’t shared his message

‘Get vaccinated, for yourself and everyone around you,’ anchor says in a statement that has not yet been aired on Fox News

Nathan Place
New York
Thursday 21 October 2021 00:11 BST
Fox host fills in for Neil Cavuto without saying he has Covid

Fox News host Neil Cavuto has contracted the coronavirus, he says, and credits his Covid vaccination with saving his life.

“Had I not been vaccinated, and with all my medical issues, this would be a far more dire situation,” said Cavuto, who also has multiple sclerosis and has battled cancer and heart problems in the past.

“It’s not, because I did and I’m surviving this because I did,” the host went on. “I hope anyone and everyone gets that message loud and clear. Get vaccinated, for yourself and everyone around you.”

But as some critics have pointed out, that message has not been very loud or clear on the Fox channels that broadcast Mr Cavuto’s shows – at least so far. On Fox Business, where Cavuto anchors Cavuto: Coast to Coast, David Asman filled in for the host on Wednesday, but did not explain why.

“Welcome to Cavuto: Coast to Coast,” Asman began concisely. “I am David Asman, in for Neil Cavuto.”

Asman did not elaborate.

On Cavuto’s Fox News Show, Your World with Neil Cavuto, substitute host Charles Payne told viewers Cavuto was sick with Covid, but did not mention his pro-vaccine statement.

“By now, most of you know Neil Cavuto has tested positive for Covid-19,” Payne said. “I want everyone to know that he’s feeling fine, we all know he’s a fighter, and we do look forward to getting him back in his chair as soon as possible.”

On Twitter, some have already attacked the networks for leaving out the vaccine part.

“Fox News finally addressed Cavuto’s Covid diagnosis on the air, but ignored his strong statement supporting vaccines,” the journalist Aaron Rupar tweeted.

However, if the networks themselves have so far stayed silent, individual Fox anchors have not. On Twitter, at least nine prominent Fox employees have spoken up to help spread Cavuto’s message.

“Now Fox’s Neil Cavuto, who has battled MS for years, has Covid,” tweeted Howard Kurtz, host of Fox News’ Media Buzz. “He says that given his issues, he’s surviving this because he’s fully vaccinated. The man is a fighter. Hang in there, Neil.”

“Neil is the best of the best,” wrote Connell McShane, chief national correspondent at Fox Business. “Please get well soon, my friend. As for everyone else, listen to Neil’s advice: ‘Get vaccinated, for yourself and everyone around you.’”

As a network, Fox News has a mixed record on the vaccine issue. While host Sean Hannity has encouraged viewers to get the shot, Tucker Carlson has consistently cast doubt on the efficacy of the vaccinations and railed against any effort to require them.

Meanwhile, Fox Corp itself has required its employees to get vaccinated or face daily Covid testing.

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