Ted Cruz called a ‘coward and a liar’ as right-wing activist confronts him over Trump and Cancun

Texas senator was called ‘globalist’ who does more for Ukraine than America

Oliver O'Connell
New York
Sunday 19 June 2022 21:28 BST
<p>Ted Cruz confronted by right-wing activist Alex Stein and called a ‘globalist’ and ‘coward'</p>

Ted Cruz confronted by right-wing activist Alex Stein and called a ‘globalist’ and ‘coward'

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Rep Dan Crenshaw was not the only lawmaker accosted by right-wing social media activist Alex Stein at the Republican Party of Texas convention in Houston.

Mr Stein also shouted abuse at Senator Ted Cruz whom he called a coward and a globalist, asked how he can like Donald Trump after he called his wife ugly, and reminded him of his vacation in Cancun during the 2021 Texas power crisis as the state experienced record low temperatures.

In a video clip posted to Twitter by Mr Stein, he begins by saying: “If you care about America, why did you do that to your constituents in the freezing cold?”

Mr Cruz replied: “I’m sure you think you’re really smart…” but was cut off.

“Oh, I am smart,” replied Mr Stein. “Because you’re a globalist, you do more for Ukraine than you do for America.”

Switching topic, the activist said: “Why did you go and become best friends with Trump after he made fun of your wife? Why did you do that?”

The senator, seated at a booth, tried to respond to Mr Stein who was standing over him during the heated exchange but was shouted down.

“See I do love America, see you don’t. You care more about the border between Ukraine and Russia than you do about the border between Texas and Mexico, why is that?”

As Mr Stein was moved away by staff, he yelled back: “Why are you a globalist?”

“You’re a globalist, Ted. You know that, bud. And that’s why you’re a coward and a liar. You know that, and I know that,” he shouted.

He added: “When people were freezing and dying, you were in Cancun, Mexico. You remember that? Remember when you had the all-inclusive buffet when people were freezing?”

Mr Stein was ushered away and then walked out of the convention by security.

The activist also heckled Rep Crenshaw, also calling him a “globalist” and angering many by referring to the veteran who lost an eye in combat as “Eyepatch McCain”.

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