Tim Scott agrees with Tucker Carlson’s comments dismissing threat posed by Russia

The former Fox News host claimed Mexico has killed more Americans than Russia

Eric Garcia
Friday 14 July 2023 20:28 BST
Tim Scott agrees with Tucker Carlson that Mexico poses a bigger threat than Russia

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) appeared to agree with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s assertion that Mexico poses a bigger threat to the US than Russia in a chummy 2024 campaign trail forum.

The South Carolina senator joined five other Republican presidential candidates - except for former president Donald Trump - to appear at the forum hosted by Blaze Media, run by former Fox News host Glenn Beck, and the Iowa Family Leader, a socially conservative organisation that candidates frequently court.

During the forum, Mr Carlson questioned candidates individually for approximately 25 minutes on current events and policies that voters may be interested in.

Mr Carlson, who frequently criticises US support for Ukraine against Russia, began his conversation with Mr Scott by discussing the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

The conservative television personality told Mr Scott Russia was not as big of a threat as Mexico.

“So Russia is bad, Russia is a threat, Putin is evil. Got it,” he said. “But the total body count from Russia in the United States is right around zero. Like I don't know anyone who's been killed by Russia. I know people personally who have been killed by Mexico.”

Mr Carlson specifically cited the fact that fentanyl comes over the US-Mexico border.

“The government of Mexico allows fentanyl to be made in its country and to come over our border has remittances from Mexico are a huge part of their economy,” he said. “The Mexican government is a party to the murder of hundreds of 1000s of Americans. So why is Mexico less of a threat than Russia?”

Mr Scott appeared to try and split the difference in his response.

“I think we can walk and chew gum at the same time,” he said before adding that he sponsored legislation that would freeze the assets of the Mexican cartels to cut off the flow of fentanyl.

“I do agree with you that 70,000 Americans losing their lives on an annual basis is an existential threat to America that we can solve,” he said. “We don't have to choose.”

In response, Mr Carlson asked Mr Scott if he would support placing a tariff on Mexico to hurt its economy.

“So you use every tool available to stop fentanyl coming across our border,” Mr Scott said.

The South Carolina Senator advocated for building “the wall” – the southern border policy that Mr Trump ran his 2016 campaign on and promised to execute during his time in the White House. Reports indicate approximately 49 miles (79 km) of “the wall” was newly built during Mr Trump’s presidency.

In addition to “the wall” Mr Scott said the US should close the southern border and install surveillance equipment to keep an eye on any people trying to enter illegally.

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