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Trump coronavirus news: Masked President airlifted from White House lawn to begin Walter Reed hospitalisation

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Joe Sommerlad,Adam Withnall,Justin Vallejo
Saturday 03 October 2020 04:45 BST
Marine One takes off as Trump is transferred to Walter Reed medical center

Donald Trump gave a thumbs up and waved to well-wishers as he walked to Marine 1 to begin hospitalisation at Walter Reed Medical Centre on Friday afternoon following cold-like symptoms of a fever and cough.  

A White House spokesperson said it was a precautionary measure, while Trump's doctor said the president was taking a mix of drugs, including Regeneron's polyclonal antibody cocktail as well as aspirin, zinc, vitamin D, famotidine and melatonin.

Trump's campaign staff cancelled all in-person events for the first family, with Mike Pence to step in. Joe Biden, meanwhile, flew to Michigan to continue his campaign after testing negative, saying he sends prayers for Trump's 'health and safety'.

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CNN’s Jake Tapper slams Trump 'reckless behaviour’ as president in hospital 

The anchor called Donald Trump a symbol of his own failure as he was taken to Walter Reed Medical Centre for observation over the weekend.

Justin Vallejo3 October 2020 04:45

‘The president is in charge’: White House says no transfer of power despite Trump being flown to hospital

In an apparent attempt to clamp down on speculation that Mike Pence was to step in as acting president, the White House said Donald Trump would be working remotely from Walter Reed Army Medical Centre for several days.

Andrew Buncombe has more on this.

White House says no transfer of power despite Trump being flown to hospital

Temporary transfer has only happened three times in recent history

Justin Vallejo3 October 2020 04:30

Michael Moore wasn’t the only one spreading conspiracy theories over Trump’s Covid diagnosis

By Friday morning, nearly 30,000 Twitter users had retweeted a variety of conspiracy theories about the news, according to an analysis by VineSight, a tech company that tracks online misinformation.

Facebook said Friday that it immediately began monitoring misinformation around the president’s diagnosis and had started applying fact checks to some false posts.

Twitter, meanwhile, was monitoring an uptick in “copypasta” campaigns — which are attempts from numerous Twitter accounts to parrot the same phrase over and over again to inundate users with messaging — about Trump’s illness. The social media company said it was working to limit views on those tweets. - AP

Justin Vallejo3 October 2020 04:15

ICYMI: Michael Moore floats conspiracy theory that Trump may be faking Covid diagnosis

Documentarian and left-wing activist Michael Moore has floated a conspiracy theory on his Facebook page that suggested Donald Trump's coronavirus diagnosis was faked.

Graig Graziosi wades through the film maker’s 1200-word manifesto so you don’t have to.

Michael Moore claims Trump might be faking Covid diagnosis

Top aide Hope Hicks, Senator Mike Lee and White House staff also infected

Justin Vallejo3 October 2020 04:00

Trump supporters shocked at diagnosis but unwavering in support

While Qanon might think it’s all an act, some Trump supporters were genuinely thrown.

“It was shocking,” said Maranda Joseph, 43, of Warren, Ohio, who has 12 Trump flags in her front yard festooned with skeletons and other Halloween decorations. “To see he has it wakes you up a bit. Anyone can get it, even the president.”

In Palm Springs, California, 36-year-old Katie Jones, from San Diego, was confident Trump would beat the virus.

“It’s, like, heartbreaking inside, but he’s a strong man. He’ll get through it,”  she said.

Dan Madden, an independent voter from Orange County speaking in Palm Springs, said concerns could rise if Trump’s condition worsened.

“If he’s down in bed and sick and needs a respirator, that would probably change a lot of people’s opinion. But he may just feel some flu symptoms. He may just have to stay in bed a few days. You don’t know. It affects everyone so differently.”

In Bangor, Pennsylvania, Trump supporter Jack Cooper, a 70-year-old retired electrician, said the president was paying the price for underestimating the virus’s dangers. He said, however, that would not stop him for voting for Trump again.

“He’s getting a taste of his own medicine,” said Cooper, who lives in a crucial swing district. “He was fooling around without a mask in big crowds. It’s like bringing a pit bull into a big crowd — something is gonna happen.” - Reuters

Justin Vallejo3 October 2020 03:45

QAnon followers bizarrely celebrate Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis

After attempting to decode Trump’s last tweet, QAnon followers believe the president sent a secret signal that he is stepping away from the public eye in anticipation of The Storm, an anticipated violent action supposed to lock up members of the paedophile cabal at Guantanamo Bay while the US military retakes control of the country.

James Crump attempts to untangle this pretzel.

QAnon followers bizarrely celebrate Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis

Accounts dedicated to conspiracy theory have been banned on Facebook and Twitter

Justin Vallejo3 October 2020 03:30

White House officials concerned over lack of contingency planning

As Donald Trump’s campaigning ground to a halt amid his positive coronavirus diagnosis, Mike Pence remained at home and staffers began worrying about the lack of a contingency plan for what to do if the president became sick.

“I wish I could tell you they have this good protocol that’s been in play for months, but it seems to ramp up and down with whatever’s going on politically,” a person familiar with the White House approach to Covid-19 safety measures told Politico.

Justin Vallejo3 October 2020 03:15

Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis drastically upends already chaotic presidential race

Washington Bureau Chief John T Bennett is hearing whispers among insiders and journalists about the president’s health, with speculation intensifying as the day dragged and Trump prepared to spend the next few days at a military hospital.

Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis drastically upends already chaotic presidential race

‘For him to not tweet, the guy must be really, really sick,’ insider says of president’s feed going silent

Justin Vallejo3 October 2020 03:00

Trump campaign held major fundraiser despite knowing president’s coronavirus exposure

The White House sent Donald Trump to a big-dollar campaign fundraiser on Thursday with around 100 people knowing the president had been in close contact with a West Wing aide who had just tested positive for coronavirus.

John T Bennett gets to the bottom of this story.

Trump campaign held major fundraiser, despite knowing president’s coronavirus exposure

‘He’s probably critiquing the way that I’m answering these questions,’ chief of staff says of ailing president

Justin Vallejo3 October 2020 02:30

Elon Musk joins well wishers as concerns grow over Trump’s condition

Justin Vallejo3 October 2020 02:15

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