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Trump news – live: President lashes out amid growing anger over racist use of 'infested', amid renewed push for impeachment and tax returns release

Twitter tirade comes after backlash over president’s attack on congressman’s ‘filthy’ district

Emma Snaith,Zamira Rahim,Conrad Duncan
Sunday 28 July 2019 22:02 BST
'When he tweets about infestation, it's about black and brown people' CNN anchor gets upset over Trump's latest Tweets

Donald Trump has doubled down on his vicious tweets attacking black congressman Elijah Cummings by retweeting far-right commentator Katie Hopkins and calling Mr Cummings "racist".

The US president described Mr Cummings' Baltimore district as a “filthy” and “rat and rodent infested mess” where “no human being would want to live”.

It comes after the US House judiciary committee asked a judge to force the release of grand jury evidence from the Mueller investigation, as four Washington members of Congress called for Mr Trump’s impeachment.

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The request, filed on Friday, explicitly referenced congress’ impeachment powers and is a major step forward in the Democrats' legal fight against Mr Trump.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is also reportedly on the verge of a move that could force Mr Trump to release his tax returns if he wants to appear on the state’s ballot in the 2020 elections.

Meanwhile, political commentators have noted that Mr Trump has used the word "infested" six times on his Twitter account - and each time it has been in reference to areas populated predominantly by people of colour.

His attacks directed at Mr Cummings also appeared to have been inspired by a Fox & Friends report that aired minutes before the president’s outburst, which criticised living conditions in the Democratic congressman's Baltimore district.

Nancy Pelosi led Democratic representatives in defending Mr Cummings, accusing the US president of “racist attacks”.


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emma.snaith28 July 2019 10:43

Donald Trump was busy on Twitter last night criticising renewed calls for his impeachment and doubling down on his ‘rat-infested’ attack on black congressman Elijah Cummings.

He described the Mueller investigation as a "Democrat-inspired Witch Hunt"  and claimed Democrats are "still doing the Russian's dirty work". 

The US president is still refusing to apologise for his comments describing Elijah Cummings as a “brutal bully” from a “dangerous and filthy” district.

And the US president also took the time to retweet a number of Fox News clips.

emma.snaith28 July 2019 11:22

Last night, Nancy Pelosi led Democratic representatives in defending Elijah Cummings and branded Mr Trump’s attack on the black congressman as “racist”.  

The US president described Mr Cummings' Baltimore district as “filthy” and “a rat and rodent infested mess” where “no human being would want to live”.

Political commentators, including Vox journalist Aaron Rupar, have also pointed out that Mr Trump only uses the word “infestation” when referring to places where people of colour live. He has used the word in at least six tweets in reference to these areas.

emma.snaith28 July 2019 11:32

Donald Trump has also drawn criticism for suggesting that the antifacist movement Antifa could be declared a terrorist organisation

But a report by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) found that extremist-related murders in 2018 were “overwhelmingly linked to right-wing extremists”.

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emma.snaith28 July 2019 11:38

Once again, Donald Trump has quoted a Fox News host in his latest tweet accusing Democrats of being "corrupt" and part of a "Deep State"...

Yesterday, the US president recirculated six clips and quotes from Fox News programmes as concerns grow over his cosy relationship with the TV network. 

Commentators also linked Mr Trump’s tweets attacking Democratic congressman Elijah Cummings to a segment on the Fox & Friends show that morning.

emma.snaith28 July 2019 12:08

Meanwhile, the Trump administration is trying to push through a proposal to end food stamp benefits for three million people.

The proposed regulation will prevent states from automatically enrolling residents who receive welfare benefits from enrolling on federal food assistance programmes. 

This means families who earn more than 30 per cent over the federal poverty guidelines will not qualify for food assistance – meaning an estimated three million people will no longer receive food stamps. 

emma.snaith28 July 2019 12:15

Alongside growing calls for his impeachment, Donald Trumpalso faces a political fight to disclose his tax returns.

California governor Gavin Newsom is reportedly nearing the deadline to sign or veto a bill that would require presidential candidates to make their tax returns public before gaining a spot on the state's primary ballot. 

The bill was vetoed by the governor’s predecessor Jerry Brown who cited constitutional concerns and the need to keep an open dialogue with the Trump administration for basic governmental issues.

Mr Newsom reportedly has until Tuesday to sign or veto the bill, Politico reported. 

emma.snaith28 July 2019 12:50

CNN anchor Victor Blackwell has given an emotional on-air response to Donald Trump’s latest public attack on his “rodent-infested” hometown of Baltimore. 

He pointed out that the US president only uses the word “infestation” when referring to places where people of colour live. 

“Donald Trump has tweeted more than 43,000 times, he’s insulted thousands of people many different types of people, but when he tweets about infestation it’s about black and brown people.” 

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emma.snaith28 July 2019 13:10

Donald Trump is now hitting back at Nancy Pelosi for “playing the race card” following his tweets attacking black congressman Elijah Cummings.   

The US president described Mr Cummings' Baltimore district as “filthy” and “a rat and rodent infested mess” where “no human being would want to live”.

Mr Trump also took the opportunity to insult Ms Pelosi's San Francisco district...

emma.snaith28 July 2019 13:23

The US president is refusing to back down on his criticism of Mr Cummings' Baltimore district, which he branded "filthy" and "rat-infested". 

He also appears to be rattled by Mr Cummings' authority as the House Oversight Committee chairman to subpoena White House officials including Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

Some commentators say it was the committee's decision to grant Mr Cummings this power earlier this week that provoked Mr Trump to attack the Maryland congressman. 


emma.snaith28 July 2019 13:35

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