Trump ridiculed for bizarre three-word press release

Donald Trump’ three-word statement has led to social media users attempting to decipher the cryptic message

Namita Singh
Thursday 12 August 2021 12:03
<p>File: Former US president Donald Trump speaks during the ‘Rally To Protect Our Elections’ conference on 24 July 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona</p>

File: Former US president Donald Trump speaks during the ‘Rally To Protect Our Elections’ conference on 24 July 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona

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Former US president Donald Trump was widely mocked on social media after he released a vague, three-word press statement in capital letters, which said, “Bullies never fight”.

His spokesperson Liz Harrington, who shared the statement, also did not offer any clarification behind the cryptic text.

As a result, internet and social media users were kept busy deciphering the cryptic message.

Maggie Haberman, a senior correspondent for The New York Times, made an informed guess, saying the statement is presumably about Andrew Cuomo, who recently resigned as governor of New York, amid allegations of sexual harassment.

“What the glue huffing f*** is this?” wrote a user.

“I could eat a box of alphabets and vomit up a more coherent statement [than] that,” wrote another user.

“LOL! That doesn’t even make sense,” commented a user under Ms Harrington’s tweet. “ Congratulations to [GOP] and [Kevin McCarthy] for picking this thing to lead the party :)) “COVFEFE THE CHOSEN !!”

“Fatherly advice on how to be a bully,” wrote another.

“They just put out all caps tweets,” mocked another user.

Some swung the tweet around to slam the former president.

“Wow. He finally confessed what a coward he is. And admitted he sent his supporters to the Capitol to do the dirty work for him. Progress!” wrote Luke Zaleski, the legal affairs editor at Conde Nast publishers.

“So true: ‘BULLIES NEVER FIGHT’. They usually incite others to it for them while they hide in a White House bunker,” wrote a user, in an apparent reference to reports of Mr Trump hiding in an underground bunker during a Black Lives Matters demonstration last May.

Some users commented on the tweet with a series of more bizarre three-worded tweets.

“Yellow matter custard,” wrote a user.

“Watch the water”, wrote another.

“Purple monkey dishwasher,” tweeted another user.

“Chairs never sit!” mocked another social media handle.

Another user, however, raised concerns about Mr Trump being able to share his statement on the platform he has been indefinitely banned from.

Twitter had permanently suspended Mr Trump’s account in the wake of the 6 January Capitol riots “due to the risk of further incitement of violence”.

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