Prominent QAnon conspiracy theorist says she is beginning to wonder if Trump really is playing ‘5D chess’ after all

Trump’s defeat in the 2020 presidential election has led to a crisis among those who believed everything he did was part of a grand ‘plan’

Namita Singh
Wednesday 30 December 2020 08:24 GMT
Prominent QAnon conspiracy theorist says she is beginning to wonder if Trump really is playing ‘5D chess’ after all

The prominent QAnon conspiracy theorist and Trump supporter DeAnna Lorraine appeared on Tuesday to be having a crisis of confidence in the president, as she suggested he might not have a grand plan to retain power after all.

“Because we have so much trusted this plan, we always think he is playing 5D chess. So anything that looks questionable, we think ok, it’s a strategy. He is playing 5D chess. We don’t have anything to worry about,” Ms Lorraine could be seen saying in the video posted by Right Wing Watch.  

Proponents of the QAnon theory believe the world is run by a cabal of Satan-worshipping paedophiles who are plotting against President Trump. Followers believe that this includes Democrats such as Joe Biden,  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as well as Hollywood celebrities including Tom Hanks  and Oprah Winfrey

QAnon theorists believe that the elite Democrats have long controlled the “deep state” and that they seek to undermine Mr Trump with support from media outlets, while the Republican leader was recruited by top military generals to run in the 2016 presidential elections and bring the nation to justice. 

As such, the defeat of Mr Trump in 2020 has led to a crisis among those who believed in the QAnon theory which propagated the view that everything he did was a part of a broader plan. 

In the new video, Ms Lorraine asks: “Is it possible that [QAnon] is a detriment to us? That it has been a detriment to us and possibly QAnon and this whole operation has possibly neutered the most powerful, the otherwise most powerful demographic in the world.”

“We have got about 25 days guys,” she continued, while referring to the day when President-elect Joe Biden is scheduled to take over the Oval Office. “And we will know, which maybe its a good thing but we are gonna know for sure if Trump is really the 5D master chess player who is gonna totally dissipate the swamp and rest all these deep state operatives and everything we have seen up till now was this massive, you know, brilliant chess moves and its all gonna come into place. 

"Maybe things failed.  Maybe QAnon operation wasn’t real. Maybe some things were not really the truth, right?  But we are gonna know in about 25 days and that’s the beauty of all of this. As much as I hate it that it's coming down to the wire. The one good thing about it is we are gonna know the f*****g truth one way or the other. Aren’t we? We are gonna know," she concluded. 

Ms Lorraine earlier in December had criticised President Trump for promoting a coronavirus vaccine. “You know, Trump, probably 80 per cent of your base does not want that vaccine,” she had said adding that she won’t get the jab even “if Jesus takes it”. 

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