Trump ridiculed over tiny statue of himself in his Mar-a-Lago office

Just one of a number of details picked over by Twitter users

Oliver O'Connell
New York
Tuesday 06 April 2021 21:41 BST
Trump ridiculed over tiny statue of himself in his Mar-a-Lago office

A photo of Donald Trump in his office at his Florida home has been closely scrutinised after being posted to Twitter on Monday, giving people a glimpse into his post-presidency life.

There are a number of odd details to be picked over, and Twitter user “southpaw” was quick to zero in on one ornament poking out from behind former White House adviser Stephen Miller.

Placed on a side table beside a gilded lamp is a small brass statue of Trump himself.

Other Twitter users were quick to mock: “That’s supposed to be him? That can’t be him, it’s way too thin and the hands are too big,” wrote one. “He just wishes that was him.”

“The statue is teeny tiny but the hands are true to size. Fascinating,” said another.

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One withering post read: “The only god he’s ever worshipped.”

Two posts included pictures of the statue depicting a naked Mr Trump that was placed in Union Square in New York City before he took office. The suggestion was made that people chip in to send him one as a gift.

Mr Trump’s office at his home in the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida, is, unsurprisingly, a monument to his presidency.

The former president is pictured sitting behind an imitation of the Resolute Desk that most commanders-in-chief use in the Oval Office.

On the walls on either side of the shuttered doors are two framed photographs. One is an unremarkable picture of Air Force One flying over the White House; the other is of Marine One, with the president aboard, hovering in front of Mount Rushmore before he gave a speech there on 4 July 2020.

A Twitter user commented: “TBH I fully expected the monument photo to have his face photoshopped in and I’m actually kind of surprised it’s not.”

On the desk, in front of him, a number of things stand out.

There is a trophy — described as “ragged” and “beat up” on Twitter — with a diamond-shaped plaque on it.

Sharp-eyed observers deduced that it is made from a piece of the wall at the southern border and was presented to Mr Trump by US Border Patrol in 2019. It is unclear if Mexico paid for it.

Next to an iPhone there are reading glasses he reportedly never likes to be seen with. Any sensitive documents are obscured by an open copy of the Wall Street Journal.

Tucked behind a desk phone stands a bottle of Diet Coke, though Mr Trump is leading calls for a boycott of Coca-Cola following the company’s criticism of Georgia’s strict new electoral laws that threaten to disenfranchise many in the state.

There was also some speculation from one Twitter user as to the location of the former president’s new office with the suggestion that it was in a hotel room at the Mar-a-Lago resort given the style of the carpet. The side tables are thought to be nightstands.

Across from the table holding the statue, the other is covered in framed photos, some of which used to sit on a table behind Mr Trump in the Oval Office.

The former president appears in five of them with various family members, and a portrait of his father Fred Trump sits towards the back.

Pictures of former first lady Melania Trump and Mr Trump’s mother Mary sit towards the front of the table, both with beehive-like hairstyles.

Mr Miller posted the photo on Monday after what he described as a “terrific meeting” with Mr Trump.

During his time at the White House, he pushed some of the most hardline immigration policies of the Trump administration and was one of the most loyal members of Mr Trump’s inner circle.

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