Don Jr shares photo of his father staring out of Trump Tower as New York visit sparks protests

Protesters carried signs that read ‘arrest Trump’, ‘indict Trump’, and ‘Florida man go home’

Namita Singh
Wednesday 10 March 2021 04:56

Trump lists GOP critics he wants voted out

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The eldest son of former president Donald Trump shared a picture of his father staring out of Trump Tower after his two-day trip to the New York City sparked protests outside his Manhattan skyscraper.

“New York Deplorables, @realdonaldtrump is watching,” wrote Donald Trump Jr as he tagged the archived Instagram account of his father.

The former president, who arrived in New York City on Sunday for the first time since leaving the office, was met with demonstrations calling for his arrest.

The crowd outside the Fifth Avenue building where Mr Trump has a penthouse apartment carried signs that read “arrest Trump”, “indict Trump”, and “Florida man go home.”

The picture shared by the Trump scion is a split screen of the former president looking out of the skyscraper on one side and his supporters with the “Trump 2024” banner on the other.

“This was a really cool sight to see yesterday with POTUS 45 and he was truly thankful and appreciative. Thanks to all these great NYC Patriots,” the photo was further captioned.

“Dear #Trump2024 supports in New York, POTUS sees you,” read the text on the image.

His trip to New York City comes as the Manhattan district attorney’s office stepped up its criminal investigation into Mr Trump and the financial dealings at his company.

Despite corruption allegations and being widely criticised for his role in the Capitol riots, most polls have revealed Mr Trump to be the top choice among Republicans for 2024 Presidential elections.

Though he will be 78 by the election day 2024, the former president will be able to run again if he chooses, having escaped unscathed from the impeachment trial.

Mr Trump was acquitted with 43-57 senators voting against him, 10 short of the majority threshold of 67 required to remove a president from office and more pertinently, in Mr Trump’s case, prevent them from running for office in future.

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