Trump shares word cloud predicting ‘revenge’ and ‘dictatorship’ for second term

Other words associated by voters with his campaign included ‘power’ and ‘dictatorship’

Io Dodds
Thursday 28 December 2023 11:31 GMT
Lara Trump says she would run as Trump’s running-mate if asked

Donald Trump has shared a graphic naming "revenge" and "dictatorship" as among his biggest goals if he wins the presidency in 2024.

In a poll published on Tuesday, The Daily Mail asked 1,000 American voters to sum up in one word what they thought Mr Trump and Joe Biden wanted from a second term in office.

The top entry in Mr Biden's word cloud was "nothing", followed by "economy" and "peace". But for Mr Trump, it was "revenge" – alongside "power", "dictatorship", "America", and "economy" again.

Mr Trump quickly shared the graphic on his Truth Social page without any further comment, raising the question of whether he endorses such terms.

"It distils the essence of this campaign pretty accurately," conservative commentator Matt Lewis told the outlet.

"In the case of Donald Trump, the brand that has emerged is one that he has intentionally cultivated, and he has sought to become the candidate of vengeance."

Indeed, Mr Trump has not been shy about wishing to visit fire and brimstone upon his enemies. At a conference last year he vowed to get "retribution", and on Christmas Day he posted that he hoped his opponents would "ROT IN HELL".

He has promised to "go after" Joe Biden and his family for their supposed "corruption", repeatedly describing the numerous criminal investigations against him as politically-motivated "witch hunts" and pledging to respond in kind.

When he declared earlier this month that he would not abuse his power to exact retribution "except on day one", many of his allies leaped to his defence.

Several polls, including the Mail’s, have put Donald Trump in the lead against Joe Biden, who remains dogged by low approval ratings and opposition to his handling of the Israel-Hamas war among younger voters.

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