Democrat mocks William Barr's refusal to attend hearing with bucket of fried chicken: 'He's here!'

The chicken appears to represent Attorney General William Barr

Lily Puckett
New York
Thursday 02 May 2019 15:55 BST
Rep. Steve Cohen mocks William Barr's refusal to attend hearing with box of fried chicken: 'he's here!'

A US congressman bizarrely brought a bucket of fried chicken to the House Judiciary Committee hearing that Attorney General William Barr refused to attend Thursday morning.

Seemingly a shot at Mr Barr’s fear of the committee, Rep. Steve Cohen, the Democratic representative from Tennessee, also brought in a ceramic chicken.

He placed the chicken in what would have been the Attorney General's spot before the committee.

He told reporters “He’s here!” and gestured to his bucket of fried chicken. He then proceeded to eat from the bucket, and offer its contents to his colleagues.

Perhaps because the chicken was presented well before noon, none took him up on the offer.

Mr Barr hinted late Wednesday night that he would not be attending the House Judiciary Committee hearing to review special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Thursday, after a long day of being questioned by the Senate Judiciary Committee. On Thursday, he did not show up to the hearing.

Today’s hearing would have allowed lawyers from both political sides to question the attorney general after the traditional round from members of Congress.

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The Justice Department expressed its disapproval over this format, which has been used in notable situations in the past.

Members of congress have responded by using their time to express their disapproval of Mr Barr’s failure to appear. In Rep. Cohen’s case, his opinion of the nature of Mr Barr’s lack of appearance is clear.

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