Woman slapped across face after 'racist' rant in Arizona convenience store

Older lady allegedly told shopper to ‘go back to her own country’


Louise Hall
Monday 08 June 2020 22:34
Arizona woman slapped across the face after racist rant

A woman has been filmed being slapped across the face after allegedly making racist remarks at a woman in a store in Arizona.

In a video of the incident from Saturday inside a Shell convenience store in Phoenix, a confrontation between two women was taped as it played out.

A bystander called Greg Conn, who shared the footage on Facebook, said the incident occurred after the woman yelled at the clerk because a gas pump at the store was not working.

Mr Conn claimed the older woman then entered into a verbal confrontation with a younger woman in line, after which “the lady told the clerk not to serve her, told her she can leave, and go back to her country”.

“This is my country” the younger woman can be heard saying, “native Americans are from this country”.

The older woman can be heard insisting that the clerk should not serve the younger woman.

She then confronted the man filming and tells him to leave because he “is not a part of this”.

The woman then proceeded to ask the shopper: “Where are you from? Where were you born?”

She can also be heard saying “you’re going back to Mexico”.

The altercation eventually escalated when the older woman appeared to grab the younger woman’s arm and the younger woman apparently slapped the older woman across the face.

The older lady then stormed out of the store.

“You deserved it in my opinion,” Mr Conn says while still recording. “Self defence on her part.”

“She was saying that she owned the place, that she was a manager there, but I have spoken with the CEO of Super Pumper — he’s saying that is not the case. She is not affiliated with any of the stores nationwide,” Mr Conn told FOX 10.

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