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Woman shares video warning to others of being ‘tracked’ by unknown stalker via iPhone

User says bizarre notifications on her phone suggested her location was being monitored

Sravasti Dasgupta
Thursday 02 December 2021 12:11 GMT
The TikTok user shared her experience in a video that has been viewed over 17 million times and collected 2m likes
The TikTok user shared her experience in a video that has been viewed over 17 million times and collected 2m likes (TikTok/@angel.edge95)
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A TikTok user has alleged in a viral video that a tracking device may have been planted on her after bizarre notifications started popping up on her iPhone.

The TikTok user, whose handle is @angel.edge95 on the platform, shared her experience in a video that has been viewed over 17 million times, collected 2m likes, more than 39,000 comments and has been shared more than 150,000 times as of Wednesday.

The video was shared on 22 November.

The user, in the video, said that the bizarre notification prompts on her phone suggested her location was being tracked by an unknown device.

“I think I am being tracked and I am going to tell you guys what has been happening since last night at around 11.30pm,” she said in the video. “I don’t know if I am in danger or other people are in danger, so yeah, this is what’s happening,” she said.

The woman said the device may have been planted on her after she visited a Walmart store in Texas after which she flew to Maine, where the bizarre notifications started appearing on her phone.

“Yesterday I flew back from my home in Texas back to Maine to retrieve some of my belongings and shortly after I landed in Massachusetts at Logan airport, I got this notification on my phone,” she said.

A screenshot of the notification seen in the video said: “Unknown accessory detected near you”.

“It was first seen with me at 8.45 in the morning when I was in Texas at Walmart, on the other side of the country,” she said.

“There is an option for me to remove the device,” she added. The other screenshot showed the message: “Find my unavailable. Unable to connect to server. Please try again later”.

“Meaning it won’t let me disconnect the device.”

The woman said her phone did give her a small notification at the bottom which asked her to contact local law enforcement “if you feel your safety is at risk due to this item.”

She, however, said she would need the serial number of the device tracking her for authorities to shut off the device.

She also shared another screenshot of another notification that she got at 12.56am, saying that the “owner of the device can see my location.”

The user claimed to get another notification that showed a “red dot every time they physically checked my location”.

She said she checked all her belongings and her vehicle to find any device that could resemble a tracker, but was unable to do so. She said she had heard a similar issue that arises with AirPods, but said she did not have her pair when she was at the Walmart store when the problem first occurred.

She then said that she shut off her location and Bluetooth services, but the problem persisted.

“Then I literally just got this notification saying that the owner can see my location again, and when I check it the owner did just check my location again.”

“So should I go to the police or the Apple store? Because I can’t find the device,” she asked the viewers of her video.

In the video, the woman also said that a friend had told her about a similar incident that happened with his sister. In that case, the person in question had found an Apple AirTag hidden under her car’s license plate.

“I don’t know if this is the new sex trafficking method. But please look out for your loved ones. Be extra careful and search your belongings if you get these notifications,” she added.

The woman subsequently posted a comment on the video saying she had gone to the police with the issue, adding that the officials had told her to not discuss the issue.

In another video posted on Sunday, the woman said that she did find an AirTag “stuck to the inside of my duffel bag using double sided tape”. The woman said she stopped getting notifications after the AirTag was found.

“It was located, it was removed, but that’s all I have for updates as of right now. I have not gotten any of those notifications since it was removed,” the woman shared in her update.

Earlier in June this year, another TikTok user from Texas said a tracking device had been placed in her bag after she visited a nightclub.

In July, Apple said in a statement to Engadget that AirTags had been updated to address privacy concerns.

“Following up on our commitment to continue to improve AirTag’s privacy and security, starting today we will be updating the time period after which an AirTag that is separated from its owner will play a sound when moved,” the statement said.

The AirTag is the smallest Apple product shaped like a tile. The device is meant to help users track their belongings, including bags, keys to bikes.

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